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Rain hangs his head after losing in a thigh wrestling match against comedian Kim Min Kyung


On the March 12 broadcast of Comedy TV's 'Delicious Guys', Rain faced off against female comedian Kim Min Kyung in a thigh wrestling match!

The two stars decided to work off some calories after feasting on kimchi pancakes, kimbap, and more. While eating, Rain boasted about his victories against professional athletes in past thigh wrestling matches. 

When the two competitors sat face to face, the 'Delicious Guys' members also named opponents Kim Min Kyung has beat in the past, which included professional trainer Yang Chi Seung and pro-golfer Park Se Ri

First, Rain was on the defense, as Kim Min Kyung placed her thighs on the inside and tried to push Rain's legs out. Rain complained, "As she pushes, she also slides her feet out bit by bit. Isn't that cheating?" Kim Min Kyung argued, "That's my secret skill."

Next, Rain went on the offensive. Immediately, he went for the attack to try and push Kim Min Kyung's legs out, but Kim Min Kyung did not budge.

When neither side showed no signs of budging, the other cast members called it off "to protect the competitors' integrity". 

Afterward, Rain could not bring himself to lift his head while laughing, hiding behind his hands. He commented, "Well that was fun." Check out the clip from this week's 'Delicious Guys' below!

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hiroonakamura3,423 pts Friday, March 12, 2021 2
Friday, March 12, 2021

1) She's famous in korea for being super strong
2) I never understood korean thigh wrestling. why don't they switch places and go 2 rounds instead of just 1 lol


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k_kid9,237 pts Friday, March 12, 2021 1
Friday, March 12, 2021

You can't underestimate some women's strength. There are women who are REALLY strong naturally. I remember seeing a girl in school toss this guy around and slam him and he was a pretty big guy himself. No one messed with that girl, especially the girls. Good thing I got along with her.


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