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Fans are still amazed that over 10 million people on earth tune into BTS's 'V Live's in real time


Fans have expressed their awe at BTS's fandom scale once again.

Recently, ARMYs on an online community forum discussed the shocking amount of influence that BTS has over fans globally. In a post titled 'I'm still amazed when I see this about BTS', the uploader posted a screenshot of member V's 'V Live', which had over 10 million real-time viewers.

Seeing this post, fans agreed that they can never get used to the number of ARMYs all over the world. A top-voted comment reads, "Do you know what's even scarier? The fact that out of those 10 million people, except for the Koreans and a few minority, most people do not even understand what V is even saying. And yet, they come in simply to see his face and listen to his voice. The subtitles only come out at least a day after the real time live. I didn't know it would become such a big advantage to understand Korean...".

Other reactions include:

"I can't even begin to wrap my mind around how many BTS fans there are in this world"

"Just so you know, the entire population of Seoul is less than 10 million"


"The foreign ARMYs, even if they can't understand Korean, come in watch V explain how to wrap kimbap...so cute"

"Remember when Yoongi (Suga) said that he will end the 'V Live' when 10 million people come in"

"What the..."

"We're amazed too"

Do you ever have the same feeling when tuning into a BTS 'V Live'?

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paigegreen433 pts 12 days ago 1
12 days ago

Kim Taehyung (V) is incredibly loved by army and those outside the fandom; including myself. I can watch him all day long even though I can't understand a single word of Korean :)


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MrLee26368 pts 12 days ago 1
12 days ago

#REALTALK, V's Birthday Celebration is the most talked about birthday of 2020. From vast donations, charities, to birthday ads, etc. the Burj Khalifa show was all over social platforms. So I guess this created interest and excitement to ARMYs/Fans to know that he's doing a VLive


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