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Posted by Kelly-Ouyang Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Comparing K-Pop Songs Titled "Butterfly"


K-pop songs often draw inspiration from similar concepts, and one of the most popular themes includes lyrics comparing someone to a beautiful yet delicate butterfly. Have you noticed the popularity of the title, “Butterfly,” in K-Pop comebacks? Here is a non-exhaustive list of songs titled “Butterfly” in Korean and English!

BTS: Butterfly

BTS released Butterfly in their fourth mini-album, “The Most Beautiful Moment in Life Pt.2.” After experiencing such popularity with this song, a subsequent prologue mix, alternative mix, and Japanese version was also released in the years following. The lyrics of “Butterfly” explore the fear of someone you love flying away and breaking apart, like a delicate butterfly released from a cage.

What makes the lyrics of Butterfly so meaningful is that BTS’ resident rappers, Suga, RM, and J-Hope participated in writing its lyrics!

WJSN: Butterfly

Butterfly is WJSN’s most recent comeback, as part of their 2020 album, Neverland. Though WJSN have been promoting without Cheng Xiao, Meiqi, and Xuanyi since 2018, it seems like the girls are fully capable of returning with gorgeous visuals and choreography with its remaining members. With lyrics exploring the girls’ determination to set themselves free and fly like a butterfly with no regrets, ignoring harsh outside voices, WJSN’s rendition of the Butterfly concept gives strength to the normally delicate symbol of the butterfly.

Netizens have collectively decided that Yeoreum owned WJSN’s Butterfly era, and after seeing her breathtaking performance, it’s no question why she was particularly eye-catching to Ujungs!

LOONA: Butterfly

LOONA’s Butterfly was released in 2019 as the title track of their EP, [X X], and showcased a girl crush concept, unlike the expected fairy concept that typically comes to mind when one thinks of the word, “Butterfly.” Butterfly peaked at number 6 on the World Digital Songs Sales chart due to its addictive EDM melody and coy rapping.

LOONA traveled to France, Hong Kong, China, the US, Iceland, and Korea to shoot the music video for Butterfly in order to capture the themes of freedom and letting dreams take flight globally, as well as an ode to their international fanbase.

According to Yves, Butterfly helped them realize that LOONA wanted to transcend gender, race, and nationality when sharing their music to be more inclusive to their LGBTQ+ fans.

BEAST: Butterfly

BEAST released Butterfly in 2016, and even after losing Hyunseung in 2015, BEAST reminded K-pop fans around the world about their significance as a third-generation group. BEAST’s strength has always been in their emotional ballads, especially with Yoseob’s impressive and stable high notes, and Butterfly doesn’t fail to live up to the group’s standards.

BEAST’s Butterfly tells a more melancholic story of someone they love flying away from them. Though they hope it doesn’t take too long before they return to them, they can’t forget how beautiful their butterfly looked while flying away.

BTOB: Butterfly

Butterfly by BTOB was released as a B-side track in the album, HOUR MOMENT released in 2018.

Compared to other interpretations of the Butterfly theme, BTOB’s song showcases a chill guitar melody as BTOB’s amazing vocal line sings atop the acoustics. The lyrics muse about BTOB wishing for Melodies to fly like beautiful butterflies and promising always to be there, waiting by their side.

This song is perfect for studying to or listening to in the early hours of the morning because of its lighthearted and soft melody!

Red Velvet: Butterflies

Red Velvet’s Butterflies was released in the RBB album, and tells a beautiful love story comparing someone to an angelic butterfly who opens up a beautiful new world for Red Velvet. Red Velvet performed Butterflies live for the first time an hour before the official release of RBB, showing opposite charms compared with their retro and powerful girl crush performance of Really Bad Boy.

Get yourself a girl who can do both!

EXO: Butterfly Effect

EXO’s latest album, OBSESSION, included the B-side track, Butterfly Effect, which explores the gratitude of the boys for EXO-Ls, who are compared to angels who breathe life into them and make them stronger when they feel lonely.

The original meaning of the term, “Butterfly Effect,” is explained by the phenomenon of a small change having unprecedented large effects overall, which is a very creative title to explain EXO’s relationship with their fans worldwide!

What's your favorite song about butterflies? Let us know in the comments below!

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Tuesday, December 15, 2020

f(x) - butterfly

super junior - butterfly



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Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Jaejoong's Butterfly is probably my favorite



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