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Can TV shows continue to pretend that masks don't exist?


These days, the phrase "We have thoroughly followed the COVID19 quarantine guidelines while filming this program" is seen at the beginning of almost every entertainment show. However, when the netizens begin watching the show, they tilt their head in doubt.

This is because the celebrities who wore masks outside, take off their masks when they are indoors. These celebrities are also seen closely interacting with one another, playing games, sweating, and huddling around. Many netizens are concerned that if one of the cast members test positive, the rest can catch the virus with a high possibility.

Although the masks have become part of everyone's daily lives, it seems there is an exception for those on television. With the recent outbreak of the COVID19 among the entertainment industry, the situation has changed. As many celebrities such as Chung Ha, Lee Chan Won, Bitto, and Gokyeol from UP10TION tested positive for the virus and other celebrities going into self-quarantine, there has been public opinion celebrities should also wear masks for their safety.

Nevertheless, the statement that the production team filmed under careful quarantine guidelines is not false. According to the social distancing guidelines published by the Central Disaster and Safety Countermeasures Headquarters last month, performances, television shows, pictorial photoshoots, and sign language interpretation that require individuals to show their face are excluded from the mandatory mask-wearing. The staff members and the cast members also wear masks when they are not filming. The number of field staff is also adjusted in accordance with the regulations for meetings and events by distance, along with close attention to hand disinfection and body temperature measurement.

However, production teams are also worried about celebrities wearing masks.  An official from a music broadcasting company stated, "Famous agencies care about 'visible music' to the extent that they have separate visual directors for each team. I think it's a realistic alternative to briefly cancel the shows rather than having singers perform wearing masks." He then added. "Viewers sympathize through the expressions and words of celebrities. The performers suggest wearing masks while filming first, but it is true that's burdensome for the production team."

Luckily, there have been more advanced suggestions and attempts being made to follow the quarantine guidelines on music programs. Pop singer Lady Gaga attended the 'MTV Video Music Awards' in August and performed live wearing a mask with a built-in sound device to publicize the importance of wearing masks. Also, KBS's 'Yoo Hee Yeol's Sketchbook' conducts interviews with transparent glass walls. tvN's '4 Wheeled Restaurant' changed its name to '4 Wheeled Delivery' in August after the spread of COVID19 as the program's concept has been modified to suit the no-contact era.

Preventive measures that can be applied to filming sites are also needed. Unlike detailed guidelines for indoor concert halls, which have been classified as "focus management facilities," there are no specific quarantine rules considering the reality of the filming site. An official from the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism said, "The filming site should encourage telecommuting and sufficiently disinfect equipment like other business sites." Still, the working environment of general offices and filming sites is very different. It is also related to the absence of guidelines that some programs maintain configurations that do not keep social distance in mind, citing the exception that performers do not have to wear a mask during filming.

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Thursday, December 10, 2020

If they got tested beforehand its fine.



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