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Lovelyz's Mijoo apologizes for past inappropriate comments


Lovelyz's Mijoo apologized for her previous comments.

A previous episode of 'Mijoo Picchu', revealed in late June, had become an issue. During the episode, she was talking to a man who was the same age as she was. In the conversation, she asked, "Do you have a girlfriend?" and when answered in the affirmative, asked, "How far have you gone?" The man said, "We've been dating for 200 days." She then said, "You've gone all the way. Definitely." When the man got flustered and denied it, shaking his hands, she asked, "Are you really a man?" and directed her gaze toward his legs.

The staff of the show wrote in the captions, "Why is her gaze going down?" and asked her where she was looking. Mijoo answered, "It's a misunderstanding," and left the man.

Even though the episode was aired in June, the episode became an issue. Even if she was given the benefit of the doubt about her gaze, netizens pointed out that her comments were sexual harassment. Even fans pointed out that the comments may have crossed a line.

As the controversy grew, Mijoo has issued an apology. She wrote, "Hello, this is Lovelyz's Mijoo. I realized that the 'Mijoo Picchu' video has become controversial, and I apologized to the person through our staff. I got his consent at the time, but I didn't think about the fans and viewers who would be watching it and didn't take into account how you may be uncomfortable. I apologize again for my rude words. I apologize once again to the man, who has been the most hurt by this, and I'll be careful of my words and actions from now on. I apologize one more time for causing a concern."

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Trehgy24 pts Tuesday, September 8, 2020 8
Tuesday, September 8, 2020

The person she was talking to gave consent to the joke and even commented on the video when it was released taking about how much fun he had. If he was fine with the joke it’s none of our business.


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LoveKpopfromAust2,764 pts Tuesday, September 8, 2020 2
Tuesday, September 8, 2020

I have to agree that it is inappropriate. She has definitely crossed the line and caused some offence here.


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