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Former girl group member in her 20s found trying to jump off the Sungsan bridge


On September 9th at 12:17 PM, a former girl group member was rescued from Sungsan Bridge while trying to jump off.

According to police, the woman in her early 20s known by her surname Shin had gone on top of the rails as if she was to jump off. Police appeared on the scene after receiving reports of possible suicide.

Ms. Shin has caused a commotion in the music industry as she claimed that she was allegedly bullied by her former girl group members. 

Based on the information provided and a recent social media post made by a former girl group member, many netizens speculate that the person in question is former iLUV member Shin Mina.

Netizens' Commented

"This seems to be Shin Mina. I hope she gets better."

"You have to live a better life than the people who bullied you. That's a real way to get revenge."

"Don't lose confidence. A good day is coming. have faith."

"ILUV's entertainment is killing this person twice by saying she is lying. Imagine how much she felt sad and frustrated that she wanted to jump off a bridge."

"Why do you want to give up your life because of someone else. You weren't born to live for someone else."

"Don't try to kill yourself. Think about all the people who love you who will be sad if you die. They'll live in guilt for not being able to protect you so think of ways to live happily with them. Just curse at the people you hate and cut them out of your life."

"Thank you for surviving. It must hurt your heart a lot right now but think about your mom. and when the time passes, this wound will heal. So don't be so pained in your heart."

[If you or someone you know is at risk of self-harm or suicide, seek help as soon as possible by contacting agencies specializing in crisis intervention and suicide prevention in the United States and abroad.]

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Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Tragic, is bullying making it's debut again in 2020? all it takes is 1 person to drive a single soul insane but a group? how crazy can the Kpop Industry get. honestly I fail to understand why do these members not see what would happen to them if they pursue the bullying route.


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