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EXO as Pet Parents


EXO’s latest group comeback as X-EXO in 'Obsession' featured their charismatic and fierce stage visuals. The members stated that Lee Soo Man was interested in the extreme gap between EXO’s persona on-stage and off-stage, which inspired the concept for the sixth album. However, despite their cool stage presence, the EXO members show their soft side when it comes to caring for their pets. Here are EXO’s pet partners!

1. Sehun: Vivi and Monsieur

Sehun’s first dog is a white Bichon Frise, named Vivi. She is known to be on the calmer side especially compared to Chanyeol’s hyperactive fur baby, Toben. Vivi is very popular among EXO-Ls because Sehun often features her in social media posts and live streams.

Sehun’s recently acquired pet is a brown dog named Monsieur. Sehun explained that this dog originally belonged to a friend and his girlfriend who were currently resolving issues with one another. However, Sehun stated that he thinks the issue will never be resolved, so he is planning to live with Monsieur for good, especially because he’s grown fond of him.

2. Chanyeol: Toben

Chanyeol is known as an animal lover among the members. He is currently raising a black toy poodle named Toben, which is an abbreviation of Beethoven. According to Chanyeol, Toben is very hyperactive, especially with him!

Check out Toben’s instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/tobenstagram/?igshid=1mf0h1lklgnre

3. Suho: Byul

Suho, the guardian leader of EXO, currently has a dog named Byul. Byul has accompanied Suho ever since his days as a trainee. Her name means “star” in English, and is a very fitting name considering the galaxy concept of EXO. To Suho, Byul is more of a daughter than a pet, and fans know that Suho treasures her as much as he treasures his members!

4. Kai: Monggu, Jjangu, and Jjangah

Kai is known as the ultimate dog-lover in EXO, with his impressive pack of three pups. The oldest is Monggu, a brown poodle who inspired the name of the cafe Kai’s older sister manages, Kamong Espresso. EXO-L’s may recognize Monggu as the dog featured in the Miracles in December music video.

Jjangu is Kai’s second oldest dog, a brown toy poodle.

Finally, his youngest pet is Jjangah, a white toy poodle. She is the only female out of Kai’s dogs.

Kai’s dogs were featured in episode two of EXO’s Showtime, where Kai and Suho walked his dogs and exercised with them.

5. D.O: Pepper and Ink

D.O, the representative of strength in EXO, has two dogs named Pepper and Ink. They were adopted by D.O in 2017. Their names are inspired by the colors of their fur coats.

6. Baekhyun: Mongryong

Baekhyun, who is affectionately known to EXO-Ls as part of the beagle-line is EXO, has a corgi named Mongryong. According to a vlog in his YouTube channel, Mongryong seems to live at his parents’ house perhaps due to his own busy schedule as an artist.

Check out Baekhyun’s YouTube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUyr5000laFgF79tWJB3rXQ

7. Xiumin: Tan

Xiumin was the first member in EXO to adopt a cat, adding some variety to the EXO pet family. Tan is a Norwegian Wood cat. Xiumin revealed her on his Instagram in 2018, and fans were excited to anticipate cute photos of himself and his kitty.

8. Chen: Cat (?)

Chen recently announced in late June of 2020 that he has welcomed his first pet to his family. He is the second member in EXO to adopt a cat instead of a dog, after Xiumin, though a name for the cat has not been released yet!

Bonus: In a Buzzfeed interview, Lay stated that he once had a cat before his trainee days, but currently does not own a pet. EXO-Ls are excited to see if EXO will adopt more pets to join the fur family!

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nunyabsnss5,201 pts Friday, July 31, 2020 0
Friday, July 31, 2020

Lay has 2 cats now! He adopted them a couple of months ago and they're adorable. But, other than that, this is a lovely list and you can tell a lot about people with how they treat animals, so all of EXO clearly have kind hearts.



chanisangel192 pts Friday, July 31, 2020 0
Friday, July 31, 2020

baekhyun is cuter than puppies



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