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Insiders say X1 members were not given a say in the team's disbandment decision


On January 9, media outlet 'Dispatch' released an exclusive report detailing the events from a meeting of 9 head representatives - from each of the X1 members' respective labels - which ultimately led to the decision of X1's disbandment. 

The meeting occurred back on January 6 at approximately 4 PM KST at CJ ENM's main building in Sangam. All 9 representatives from X1's agencies including Play M, Yuehua, TOP Media, OUI, MBK, Woollim, DSP Media, Brand New Music, and Starship

According to 'Dispatch', the company representatives chose to determine X1's future based on a unanimous vote. If even one person voted 'Yes' to X1's disbandment, the group would be called off. The results of the votes from 9 head representatives were as follows: 4 votes for 'Yes', 4 votes for 'No', and one vote 'Undecided'. As a result, X1's disbandment was decided in less than 2 hours. 

Before holding the unanimous vote, the head representatives also took turns voicing their opinions, said 'Dispatch', Representative 'A' stated, "I vote 'Yes' to X1's disbandment. We cannot allow our child to promote with rigged members." Another representative 'B' shared, "The members want to continue promoting as X1. I support their continuation." A representative from company 'D' asked, "How about we wait a few days until announcing the disbandment? I'm afraid the members will not take it well." However, representative 'E' refuted, "There's no reason to stall. The members might become more confused. Let's take care of it quickly."

It turned out, according to a representative of CJ ENM who was present to witness the meeting, relayed to the other company representatives, "Actually last night, member 'A' called me. The members all wanted to attend this meeting. They asked if it was possible, since they wanted to say something to all of you. Can we call them here, now?" But a representative from company 'F' answered, "We've already conferred with the children. Why do they need to be here. This decision should be made by the companies."

Despite this, according to company representative 'G' after the meeting, "The X1 members wanted to attend the final meeting. They wanted to express to the company representatives their wish to continue promoting together. However, some of the companies were against the group's continuation. Ultimately, the members' wishes did not matter." 

Finally, 'Dispatch' revealed that there were also suggestions for X1 to release a final single as a goodbye gift to fans, since the members already took part in recording a winter track not long ago. This idea was shut down, alongside another suggestion for X1 to leave a farewell video message to their fans. 

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happy_love300 pts Wednesday, January 8, 2020 2
Wednesday, January 8, 2020

this big reveal is not really that big, tbh we all knew they had no say they ALL had no say in any of it from the START they are VICTIMS of a RIGGING scandal if anything the take away from this would be to support all the boys in their future activity's be it solo or in units , victon or upt10tion, uniq etc,

do not send hate to any of them for being with their old groups members like so many are already doing to seungwoo and victon, just stop and think maybe hes with them to be with friends during this HURTFUL time, do not send hate to the kids plz

if you want to blame someone blame the people behind the rigging MNET, CJ E&M , the PD etc, dont try to make it worse for the boys than it already is 😒 i saw a whole thread bashing seugnwoo for being with his victon member's during this time, it made me sick how fast fans turned on the him and his group. fans hating on up10tion too are just as bad stop it.


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kimmiefonze329 pts Wednesday, January 8, 2020 1
Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Swift and brutal ending... honestly that's much better than dragging this longer and making everyone prolong their agony. I feel sad for the boys but the fact is that they were created by fooling the voting Koreans and if they continue means that the producers succeeded in their fraudulent act. Its just gonna be very awkward seeing them with other groups knowing how they were formed.


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