Posted by Susan-Han Thursday, December 5, 2019

Remaining two Korean trainees of 'Produce 101' Japan decide to leave the program


On December 5, 'Produce 101' Japan announced via its official website that the last two remaining Korean trainees of the series have decided to leave the competition. 

'Produce 101' Japan stated, "We recently received a request from trainees Kim Yoon Dong and Jung Yong Hoon to depart from the program. After discussing the matter, we've come to the decision to respect their wishes and to accept their requests. The two trainees requested to leave the program after the recording for the 3rd elimination results, so this week's broadcast on December 5 will air without adjustments." 

In addition, 'Produce 101' Japan relayed, "There are many malicious rumors and ill-intended posts currently being spread via SNS portals, and we would like to ask everyone for their understanding and cooperation to refrain from such activities, so that everyone can enjoy this project on a good note." 

Previously, Korean trainees Kim Hee Chun, Jung Young Hoon, and Kim Yoon Dong garnered attention from fans during their 'Produce 101' Japan appearance. However, Hee Chun was the first to announce his departure from the competition earlier in the season, and now, with Young Hoon and Yoon Dong's leave, there are no more remaining Korean trainees on the show. 

Meanwhile, Kim Hee Chun, Jung Young Hoon, and Kim Yoon Dong debuted in Korea as members of boy group HALO in 2014. 

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Hopkinz3,235 pts Thursday, December 5, 2019 0
Thursday, December 5, 2019

While this is sad, maybe it's for the best.

They debuted together 5 years ago. It might negatively impact their friendship if only one of them makes it. If all of them make it, people will say it's rigged. Then of course there is the mess going on with the Korean Produce 101. Even though the Japanese version has stated their voting is honest, they're still affiliated with the negative reputation of that brand. It's a lose/lose situation for the Halo boys, but this seems to be the best option. I hope they gained fans from this experience and continue to promote together.



happy_love299 pts Thursday, December 5, 2019 3
Thursday, December 5, 2019

STAN HALO , i hope them taking part got them some fans they deserve support, tbh im not a bit sad they are leaving produce, the whole things a mess, with all the rigging and controversy's and all , tbh all of halo are sweet hearts, please support them in the future ! i know i will *fighting halo* proud halove here <3 you all did well to get as far as you did, they been working hard since 2014 plz show them love


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