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Netizens have discovered a new 'X1 Diet' to beat out the famous 'TEEN TOP Diet'


Netizens have finally(?) discovered a new "X1 Diet" to beat out the famous "TEEN TOP Diet"!

Originally, the "TEEN TOP Diet" goes like this: One fan was shocked after finding out the weights of all of the TEEN TOP members, and decided to go on a diet. They wrote, "I finally beat one TEEN TOP guy. Started off as 69.5 [kg] and I'm 61.3 [kg] today.... Next week I'll be Ricky..."

[Below, TEEN TOP members' weights go from L.Joe (top left), Chunji (top middle), Niel (top right), Ricky (bottom left), Changjo (bottom middle), C.A.P (bottom right).]

And now, here's the new "X1 Diet", a.k.a a list of the X1 members' weights from highest to lowest (Based on each trainee's 'Produce X 101' profiles):

Lee Han Gyul 69 kg

Jo Seung Youn 68 kg

Kim Yo Han 66 kg

Lee Eun Sang 63 kg

Han Seung Woo 63 kg

Cha Jun Ho 63 kg

Nam Do Hyun 62 kg

Kang Min Hee 60 kg

Kim Woo Seok 58 kg

Song Hyung Jun 55 kg

Son Dong Pyo 48 kg

Netizens commented, "Dong Pyo wasn't always that thin... he lost weight from dieting TT. Can he tell me his secret", "Wow this makes me mad", "It'll be years before I can beat Dong Pyo...", "I'll beat Dong Pyo one day if it's the last thing I do", "I guess girl groups will have to stay as far away from Dong Pyo as possible", "Even if he's short, Dong Pyo's 48 is still way too thin", and more. 

Will you be trying out the "X1 Diet"?

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HSK2,070 pts Saturday, August 17, 2019 1
Saturday, August 17, 2019

"Will you be trying out the "X1 Diet"?"
Sure. Who doesn't like being anorexic? It's fun! /s


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Gay_for_Seulgi132 pts Saturday, August 17, 2019 1
Saturday, August 17, 2019

48kg! Isn't that like severely underweight? I don't know his height, but if he is around 180cm then I'm pretty damn sure that he is severely underweight!


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