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Posted by exocomebaek AKP STAFF Monday, July 15, 2019

Highlights Of Kim Jaehwan’s Fan Meeting in Singapore


Kim Jae Hwan graced Singapore last Saturday and while Jae Hwan has visited Singapore with his former bandmates, Wanna One, in the past, this was the first time Kim Jae Hwan visited Singapore by himself. Jae Hwan’s fan meet definitely showed that he was more than able to hold his own, he managed to show off his talents, charms and his love for his WIN:Ds. Here are some of the highlights of what went down that day!

  1. Jae Hwan showed he was a master of variety!

During the concert, Jae Hwan showed that his charms as he took every opportunity to make his fans laugh all through the night. The emcee even commented on how a lot of things that Jae Hwan ended up doing was completely impromptu and not in the script. Some adorable things that Jae Hwan did for his fans include speaking ‘Singlish’ which was a mix of the main languages in Singapore like Mandarin, Malay and Hokkien to communicate to his fans, doing random movements to convey his mood and express what he was feeling and even singing Happy Birthday for all his fans in a ‘sexy’ singing technique.

2. Jae Hwan shared what his fans meant to him

    Jae Hwan got personal with his fans at his Singapore fan meet, explaining how thankful he was at the unconditional support he has been receiving from all his fans after the release of his solo music. He talked about how important WIN:Ds meant to him and expressed his gratitude for being so warmly received by his Singaporean fans.

    3. Jae Hwan tried to show fans how he would pose for Commercials

      Through the night, Jae Hwan was requested to act like he was in a commercial for a few products that the host of the fan meet had prepared for him. Jae Hwan was a really big sport and committed to each role 100%! He posed with khong guan gems, which is a famous brand of biscuits in Singapore, and popped a few into his mouth while telling the audience how 'sweet' they tasted. The crowd also went crazy when he did the same with Kaya Toast which is another Singapore delicacy which he pretended to be filming a CF for. At the end of the night, he even said the word to describe his fans would be ‘sweet’ just like all the snacks he was given through the night.

      4. Jae Hwan played the guitar for fans

        Jae Hwan showed his talents when he took out his guitar to play a few songs for his fans with it. This could be seen as a big throwback to his days on 'Produce 101' and it is amazing to think about how far he has come since his first audition on the program when he played his guitar as he sang "Skyfall." When he took out his guitar, he soon realized that his guitar was so shiny, it started reflecting light onto the audience. To which, he got flustered and worried about hurting his fans’ eyes with the bright light. He then apologized and said he would bring a less reflective guitar in the future. Jae Hwan was too cute, worrying about his fans even while getting ready to perform!

        5. Jae Hwan showed both his ‘cute’ and ‘sexy’ charms

          Jae Hwan was also requested by the emcee to show off both a ‘cute’ and ‘sexy’ side to him, to let his fans vote which they think to suit him better. Jae Hwan soon showed the audience some of his best aegyo which has every WIN:D in the room swooning. When it was time for him to show off his ‘sexy’ appeal, Jae Hwan took a page from his former bandmate Kang Daniel and did his famous Thigh Touching move that had the entire concert hall going crazy. Jae Hwan also mentioned that he thinks about his former Wanna One Members and is curious to know how each one of them was currently doing.

          6. Jae Hwan showed off his vocals

            Jae Hwan is extremely talented at singing and his fan meet only went ahead to further prove that point that he is a vocal king. He effortless hit the high notes in the many songs he sang, proving that he is more than deserving of the title of Main Vocalist of Wanna One as well as successful solo artist Kim Jae Hwan. The backdrop as he sang also matched well with each song he sang, conveying the mood of each song incredibly. Star and Begin Again were two songs that really stood out in particular.

            7. Jae Hwan showed us he was not only a singer but an incredible dancer

              While Jae Hwan is mostly known for his vocals, his dancing does not fall short. He showed off his dancing and he performed a few tracks that highlighted his strong and precise dance moves. The performance that really caught everyone’s eye was "Sorry, Not Sorry" where he not only managed to match up Demi Lovato’s amazing high notes, but he executed an extremely challenging choreography perfectly at the same time. His dancing has really improved since his 'Produce 101' days and it’s a joy to see him performing with so much passion on stage.


              Kim Jae Hwan was amazing at his fan meet and his Singaporean fans all can’t wait to see him again. Fighting Kim Jae Hwan!

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