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Shopee Philippines Underfire For Allegedly Scamming Filipino Blinks

Blinks raged on Twitter with the hashtag #SHOPEESCAM as Shopee Philippines (The Official Sponsor of BlackPink's Fanmeeting in the Philippines) allegedly secured tickets for many influencers and celebrities whom they suspect of having zero knowledge about BlackPink and Kpop in general, scraping off the big portion of privilege many fans might get, especially to those who has exerted efforts and paid a lot according to them. Many also thought that it is invalidating Blink's right as a fan.

Not only that, Shopee's recent fanmeeting required top spenders who'll be able to meet BlackPink as a prize for the slot they have obtained, no doubt that you have to spend a fortune according to the said mechanics. But on the day of announcing the winners and distributing the tickets, Shopee PH didn't give the tickets to the top spenders and changed the mechanics for the last remaining minutes instead. It was said that they earned more or less than PHP 2.5 Million from Blink's alone. Fans also became suspicious as the new winners from their Twitter contest are allegedly trolls and some are newly made accounts.

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Thursday, June 6, 2019

F*ck Influencers! Get a real job ya bullshit artists!

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Thursday, June 6, 2019

There's an "influencer" who made an ig live and they were making fan of jennie's panic attack. It goes like this...

Influencer 1(the one whos doing ig live): blackpink is so sick!

Influencer 2(her friend): like jennie. (Not even asking this bitch downright stated that!)

Influencer 3: *laughs like crazy*

This are the "fans" that shoppee let's inside the venue! Many fans were crying outside because they can't enter and shoppee allegedly cancels their tickets on the very last minute! The crowds are dead. I bet not even half of them really know blackpink! They just there to f*cking promote ors whatever sh*t they're doing! It's an opportunity for ph blinks to show their love to the girls but shoppee it from them! Shame shoppee!

Also there was one blink who came from a cebu and beg her mother to let her attend the event just to see the girls but unfortunately her ticket got cancelled. There's also a blink who spent P80,000 in hoping to be the top spenders and will meet blackpink but then again shoppee scam happened!

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