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[*UPDATE*] Hwang Hana Is Active On Her Personal SNS Although She Was "Arrested"


On April 4, 2019,Park Yoochun's ex-fiancee and the granddaughter of Namyang Dairy Products' founder Hwang Hana was arrested by police.

She was accused of distributing Philopon to college student Cho and encouraging her to inject the drug, bribing a friend to take the blame and sharing illegal sex videos.

During the questioning, Hwang Hana admitted to part of the drug allegations against her and confessed she has injected illegal drugs in the past. Hwang was transferred to jail following the questioning.

She also claimed she took drugs with Yoochun in early this year. After both Yoochun and Hwang Hana tested positive for meth but onlyYoochun placed under arrest.

On April 27, netizens saw Hwang Hana @shinebright_love0225 active on Instagram publicly during her detention.

This is the pic she liked:

[UPDATE] The changes on Hwang Hana's Instagram account so far 

April 26: Unfollowed 3 accounts and removed 12 posts

April 27: Followed 4 accounts

April 28: Followed 1 account

1 of the post she deleted was a pic showing her and friends partying at Burning Sun and the other post she deleted was a pic of her with Lee Jong Hyun and Choi Jong Hoon

 Police placed Yoochun under arrest since there are concerns of Park Yoochun destroying evidence or fleeing. However, Hwang Hana is still free although she tested positive for meth.

In 2011, Hwang Hana was caught using marijuana and received a stay of an indictment. Though she was accused of drug use and selling 0.5 grams of Philopon to a college student in 2015, she was acquitted despite her previous case. It's reported she was open about her connection to high-ranking police officers, telling friends, "The chief prosecutor at the Central District Prosecutor's Office? My uncle and my dad know everyone, including the police chief. Are you joking? They're best friends." She further claimed to know the police chief of Namdaemun Police Station, but he's come out to say, "I don't know who Hwang Ha Na is, and I don't know anyone at Namyang Dairy Products."

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changminbaby7,755 pts Saturday, April 27, 2019 1
Saturday, April 27, 2019

we thought kdramas are exaggerated but here we go where kdramas are based on the reality

yoochun was quickly arrested unlike the others who have cops covering up for their ass

this girl also has a lot of connections, even media deleted their articles about her drug test that its positive and now we see this, i thought in korea they take strong action agaisnt criminals and are so serious about their cases but with this i guess their image has changed to everyone, because this is not just about burning sun ,this is another example about how with connections you get away with everything.

i hope they do something about this unfairness and i wonder how many people in korea did get away with their crimes only lately people are starting to expose them


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Daengdiggy610 pts Saturday, April 27, 2019 2
Saturday, April 27, 2019

Wow what a bish! Seriously..................................... why the fck she's not jailed although she admitted to doing drugs and bribed her friend + police????? and Yoochun was jailed. Wow. Whenever I watched K-dramas I saidi "lmfao, that exaggeration..." damn... K-Dramas reflect the reality lololol!


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