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Posted by ymek39 pts Thursday, April 18, 2019

Choi Yena’s return to EVERGLOW after IZ*ONE


If you're a big fan of EVERGLOW and IZ*ONE, you might've heard about the rumor of Choi Yena joining EVERGLOW after the disbandment of IZ*ONE (EVERGLOW and Choi Yena are all from Yuehua Entertainment).

In EVERGLOW's debut showcase, a reporter asked if this is true during their Q&A segment. Leader E:U answered as followed:

Yena and I spent our trainee years together since a long time ago. I especially like her a lot, and so do all of our members. If Yena returns, We"ll be very happy. And in fact, we believe that she will. But as it's the kind of matter that we cannot decide, we can't give an exact reply to the reporters now. Yena, as a member of IZ*ONE and we, as EVERGLOW will try our best to show you good performances. So I'd be very thankful if you could love both IZ*ONE and EVERGLOW!

IZ*ONE is probably the top rookie girl group at the moment and the members have a contract of 2.5 years, which means their disbandment will be around the beginning of 2021. On the other hand we have EVERGLOW that has received a lot of support and attention for their debut.

Personally, I like both groups a lot and I'd love to see Yena join EVERGLOW after IZ*ONE, but 2.5 years is quite a long period. A period where EVERGLOW could gain much more fans and popularity. This makes me worried for Yena, because she could possibly receive hate when she joins the group.

What's your opinion on this? Would you want to see Yena join EVERGLOW after IZ*ONE disbands?

Let me know!

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trogdorthe8th3,904 pts Thursday, April 18, 2019 2
Thursday, April 18, 2019

I could totally see Yena being in Everglow after this is all done. she totally fits the style and the vibe of 'Bon bon chocolat', and I she's great with other styles and concepts as well. Hopefully this will stick when she's done with IZ*ONE later. I know people worry that she might receive some hate, but we have to remember that she's well-liked currently in IZ*ONE, so I think her fans would support her when she goes back to her company and possibly Everglow. It's not like the situation with Red Velvet, where poor Yeri got so much hate due to the fact that she was suddenly rotated into the group. This would actually make sense as they're from the same company and she's only in a temporary group.


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Secretninja3121,651 pts Thursday, April 18, 2019 0
Thursday, April 18, 2019

I think it was pretty obvious Yena was part of the debut lineup seeing as how soon they debuted after the show ended. I’m sure YueHua Ent sent 3 of them to PD48 rather than the entire group with the intention of at least getting exposure for the girls and they did. As of now, it’s very likely Yena will join them once IZ*One disbands. But that is still two years away so it’s very possible YueHua may plan a new group by then or debut her as a soloist. Keep in mind that YueHua Entertainment is a bigger company than most people think, they’re just cracking in to the korean market and figuring out how things work there. But they do have many artists active in China and they also currently have 7 idols in 4 temporary groups formed from survival shows so they’re definitely raking in money that way. So I’m not too concerned on Yena’s future since it can change pretty easily. Now if only YueHua would channel the same energy in to Uniq...



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