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Seoul Police reveal that they're considering opening an investigation into Big Bang's Seungri

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Seoul Police reveal that they haven't ruled out an investigation into Seungri.

Police recently searched the house of a Burning Sun employee, Cho, who was suspected of taking drugs.  The police found party drugs such as ecstasy, Happy Balloon (inhaled hallucinogenic substances in balloons), and ketamine, a psychotropic drug. Police are asking how Cho obtained the drugs and who he distributed them to. They have opened an investigation into Burning sun employees involved in daily operations to determine whether they systematically sold drugs to customers at the Club. 

Under these circumstances, a Chinese employee Anna, who was suspected of supplying drugs to VIP customers also had unknown liquids and white powder at her home. Police, who secured the unknown liquids and powders through a search and seizure have assigned the National Institute of Scientific Investigation to analyze the ingredients. They've also banned the suspect from leaving the country. 

A police official also mentioned for the first time that he might open an investigation into Big Bang member Seungri.  The official said, "We are considering opening an investigation into Seungri as he was listed as the executive director of Burning Sun at the time. We have plans to expand the investigation to the entire Gangnam Club to include MD's and directors."

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GramStan1,856 pts Monday, February 18, 2019 7
Monday, February 18, 2019

Even if Seungri is innocent of illegal activities he still needs to be investigated like everyone else in the club. The only way police are going to get to the bottom of what went on is to investigate properly and thoroughly. If they don't investigate him, people will claim he's receiving special privileges. If Seungri really hasn't done anything wrong beyond neglecting to pay enough attention to what was happening at the club, then he'll be fine.


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fedrad94635 pts Monday, February 18, 2019 1
Monday, February 18, 2019

Whether he was involved or not. He should be investigated like everyone else


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