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Recent photos of AOA’s Jimin is starting to worry fans


Recent photos of AoA's Jimin, which she posted on her Instagram is starting to concern fans.

On February 12, Jimin shared a series of photos of herself and tagged the brands she was wearing in the caption.

However what seems to caught fans attention is her rather thinner appearance than usual. She's gotten a bit thinner than she was during her Aoa promotions.

Jimin was always on the petite side, but when comparing to her appearance during AOA’s latest promotions with “Bingle Bangle”, she does look noticeably thinner recently.

It's not uncommon for members in girls groups to have a sudden weight change during comebacks. But with AOA’s promotions already having come to an end, fans have been voicing their concerns for Jimin’s health and have been encouraging her to maintain her health.

Moreover, many fans have been suggesting that she eat more to gain some weight.

Meanwhile, after seeing fans’ concerns for the idol, Jimin’s agency FNC Entertainment has released a statement in response, stating that she did not have any health issues.

Jimin does not have any health problems. In fact, she is consistently working out and is very healthy.

ㅡ FNC Entertainment

So it seems fans have nothing to worry about!

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v98253 pts Tuesday, February 12, 2019 4
Tuesday, February 12, 2019

The fact that she's "consistently working out" and that thin should be a concern, FNC, ya goofs. There's a difference between healthily working out and not. She can easily be eating an "okay" amount of food whilst burning off enough to hit an extreme enough calorie deficit. Not saying she has an ED, i don't know her, but uh that first picture is definitely concerning and could just be god-awful lighting on her face. Regardless, i hope she and fnc are making sure that she's taking care of herself :(


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JosueDuartRoman6 pts Tuesday, February 12, 2019 8
Tuesday, February 12, 2019

That's anorexic


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