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Daehyun shares a heartfelt post on leaving TS Entertainment


Daehyun spoke up about B.A.P's departure from TS Entertainment.

On February 18, Daehyun shared a heartfelt post via Instagram. His message reads as follows:

"2012-2019 We really worked hard. We fell and got back up. Now, I just have one thought in my mind - that they were all precious and happy memories that I would never be able to feel again.. 

The TS Entertainment family who has worked so hard up til now, thank you so much. And CEO Kim Tae Song who's watching from heaven, I'm sorry for saying this now but it wouldn't have been possible without you. I still admire and miss you. 

2019~ I can't say for sure how and when I will be greeting you guys but I will be with music until the day I die. Please give support. Thank you BABY."

A day earlier, TS Entertainment officially announced the remaining members of B.A.P decided not to renew their contracts with the agency. 

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2012~2019 정말 미친듯이 달려오고 넘어지고 다시일어서고, 지금은 이런생각만 드네요, 정말 소중하고 행복한, 다시는 느낄수없는 그때의 기억이구나..하고말이죠. 지금까지 수많은 고생을 함께한 TS엔터식구분들 마지막까지 정말 감사합니다. 그리고 하늘에서 보고계실 김태송 대표님 이제야 말씀드려죄송합니다. 정말 대표님이아니셨다면 불가능할일들이였습니다. 여전히 존경하고 보고싶습니다. 2019~ 앞으로 언제어떻게 여러분을 찾아뵐수있을지 확실하게 말은못하지만, 죽는그날까지 저는 음악과함께할것입니다. 응원해주세요 감사합니다 BABY

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Tuesday, February 19, 2019

we will always support you Daehyun and the rest of B.A.P!


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SwiftFoot563 pts Tuesday, February 19, 2019 1
Tuesday, February 19, 2019

I'm not blaming B.A.P for their departure, but when TS dragged out that lawsuit for so long, that was the end of BAP.

BAP had so much steam going for them since debut, they honestly were monster rookies. But when TS didn't pay them properly, and BAP was forced to file a lawsuit, TS should've really tried to resolve it quickly. BAP was gone for so long during that time that they were kind of forgotten, and when they came back there wasn't as much interest.

I'm pretty bummed about how it all turned out but I wish the best for all the members!


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