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ABC criticized for captioning Black Pink is 'singing in Japanese' on 'Good Morning America'


American broadcast network ABC is receiving criticism for a mistake regarding Black Pink

On February 13, the YG Entertainment girl group appeared on 'Good Morning America' and performed their hit song "DDU-DU DDU-DU." During their performance, the closed captioning stated, "[Singing in Japanese]." 

Fans are calling out ABC for mistaking the language of a K-pop girl group. Comments stated:

Some fans are reacting with anger, commenting, "They are a K-POP girl group. They are from Korea, not Japan!" "This is so disrespectful. Do they not know the meaning of K-pop?"

You can watch Black Pink's 'GMA' performance and the errored transcription in the clip below.

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Wednesday, February 13, 2019

A bit too dramatic i think :)


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Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Hummmm, I am sure ABC is aware they are a Kpop Idol group. They usually research this stuff like crazy. That's why they were invited to appear. Usually fans or translators are used for the subtitles. I know most everything I see in Korean, Japanese, or other languages have a separate group of people who do the translations. The originator is not always in charge or in control of this. I don't understand why people are always jumping to conclusions, assuming or otherwise ready to rumble at a moments notice.

Jumping to immediate judgements. Mistakes happen even Idols goof up. The bigger picture is they were on American TV getting more exposure in a positive way and now someone has created negative controversy for them. My concern is this will cause American broadcasting to shy away since the fans and netizens are so dramatic, temperamental and throw temper tantrums at every little thing. The person who screwed up is probably embarrassed and feeling horrible, cause really they probably were happy and wanted to show them in a positive light.

All kinds of stuff can happen that are accidental. I can't imagine they would purposely disrespect or do anything to harm the girls. If they didn't want to support Kpop they wouldn't have asked them to appear. This also happens to major American stars too. Someone could have misheard, misunderstood or got the translation incorrect.

The point is American TV has recognized them as valid and valuable entertainers and they are getting exposure to more people. Kpop entertainers worked hard for the recognition, please don't negate their efforts by only focusing on negative chatter. Focus on the group and THEIR accomplishments. Love, Peace and Happiness. Way to go Ladies!!!!! Fighting! ✊✊✊✊


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