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Netizens criticize Black Pink's Jennie for her change in attitude and being 'lazy' on stage

Black Pink's Jennie is under fire for her change in attitude while performing on stage. 

According to netizens, Jennie has been very "lazy" and "careless" on stage during Black Pink's performance lately. She supposedly lacks power and energy in the choreography and seems to be dozing off compared to her powerful stages in the past. 

One fan has even created a comparison video on how Jennie changed since Black Pink's debut in 2016. 

Netizens are criticizing the star for being arrogant, especially after her solo debut. 

Comments stated, 

"It might be understandable if it was during rehearsal but she's so careless when fans are watching right in front of her. What is she thinking? Isn't it normal for you to work harder if the fans are watching? She has changed." 

"What's wrong with her..." 

"She must think she's all that because YG supports her so much but she's not on that level yet." 

"She must really think she's the female version of GD but she still needs a lot of practice. Her live performance sucks." 

"She thinks she'll be fine even she doesn't try hard.... Honey... that's not how the world works?."

"Is she already tired only after 2 years since debut.."

What are your thoughts on the netizens criticizing Jennie's "laziness"? 
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CocoroMe-1 pt Monday, November 26, 2018 11
Monday, November 26, 2018

The amount of hate she’s been receiving is insane and uncalled for. People are so quick to pass judgment on her and spread false defamatory rumours that people to this day STILL believe. Kpop Idols have it hard enough and the community is always harsh as fuck doing the absolute most to drag them down but suddenly show false concern when something tragic actually happens. Jennie has been getting so much hate from as long as I can remember and I’m sure that has taken a tole on her, she’s human.

Fair enough, we can criticise her lack of energy performing because that’s a valid complaint, but it’s gone way beyond that now and has escalated into an entire witch hunt. no one knows what she is going through and for some reason sympathy just doesn’t apply to Jennie. When it’s about Jennie everyone and their mother suddenly got something nasty to say. anyone with half a brain would realise that but they’re too caught up in there bandwagon hate to see it. It’s honestly gross and shameful.


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borahae3,980 pts Monday, November 26, 2018 5
Monday, November 26, 2018

if it was just one performance, I would understand she could have been super tired, depressed or sick, but seeing this happen in so many performances I do not know what to say. I really like BP and one of the factors are their powerful performances so I really hope Jennie cat get herself together and is not seriously sick:/


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