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Posted by yckim124405 pts Monday, April 30, 2018

[Interview] San E and Mad Clown answer your questions on their first tour, free time activities, and more!

San E, Mad Clown
San E and Mad Clown are here with the answers to your questions! 

In light of their very first U.S tour together, allkpop prepared an exclusive chance for you to ask anything and everything to the duo. And now, after looking over the interesting Qs, they are here with the interesting answers! 

Check out what San E and Mad Clown have to say and see if your questions are answered!

This is your first U.S tour together. Tell us about your shows. How's it going? 

San E: amazing. we have the best team. everyone is energetic, positive vibe

Mad Clown: The vibe changes depending on the venue and the audience but one common thing about all the shows was the powerful energy. We are receiving great love throughout our tour no matter the size of the audience. 

Camryn0%: Were you excited for your stop in Boston? It is not a common stop for Korean artists tours hehe

San E: They say "why did u come here, nobody comes here" but Boston was one crazy crowd

Mad Clown: Boston is one of the cities that I love. The atmosphere and culture of the city was very charming to me when I (first) visited it 10 years ago.

Stephanie M: What's the best part about collaborating together?

San E
only writes one verse

Mad Clown: The things I need to do is cut down in half? 

Eottoke: To San E: Since you're a former JYP artist, what are the differences in working under JYP as solo artist and your current label?

San Ethey both great but its more freely in brand new music.

AmytheArmadillo: If you both weren't singers, where do you think you'd be?

San Eprobably something boring

Mad Clown: I really have no idea. I probably am studying in college?

Chocolate: Do you always read other people's comments about you/your music?

San Ewhen I have nothing to do

Mad Clown: I read a little bit sometimes. 

KitkaatAre there any recently debuted/new artists whose music you like?

San E: not new artist, but red velvet - bad boy 

Mad Clown: Not new artist but I'm listening to j cole's new album 

Mira: What do you do when you are stressed?

San Esleep, comic books, play games

Mad Clown: I walk for 3-4 hours

Leticia G: Do you guys have any source of inspiration?

San Eworking with mad clown is fantastic.he is like a mirror of myself in some ways

Mad Clown: I get almost all my inspiration while taking a walk

BritishKpopFan: If you could have personally witnessed anything, what would you want to have seen?

San E: me as a baby 

Mad Clown: The unification of North Korea and South Korea

Mira: What do you do when you are stressed, how do you calm yourself down? (I'm a fan from Sweden! Love you)

San E: love u too mira and sweden. I meditate 

Mad Clown: I walk

Jam: San E, how did you enjoy your experience at UGA (University of Georgia)? I am going there in the Fall.

San E: UGA has a beautiful campus. people lovely there. u gon love it.

Panda: What Do you do on your free time?

San Eplaying games these days

Mad Clown: only ps4 :)

Kikaat: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

San E: hopefully married 

Mad Clown: Writing or traveling. 

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