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Posted by ttjenny0 pt Monday, March 26, 2018

Idol Groups Who Will Break The '7-Year Curse' In 2018

Orange Caramel, Girl
1. Tilt Your Head For Girl's Day
July 7 will mark Girl's Day 8th anniversary together. They've come a long way, and have created a great influence with their killer vocals and catchy songs!
2. Teen Top Came Into Our World
Another July 2010 debut comes from Teen Top! On July 11, Teen Top released their very first single 'Clap' and it became an instant hit! These adorable boys recently became a five-member group and are still winning over our hearts!
3. Our Magic Girls
One of the most beloved (and missed!) sub-units is definitely Orange Caramel! A three-member unit from the iconic group After School brought O.C., who debuted on June 16, 2010, with their single 'Magic Girl'. These girls haven't had a comeback since 2014, but we are still waiting patiently for their return one day! Who doesn't love their candy-culture, upbeat songs?!
4. Infinite for Infinity
Infinite stole our hearts when they debuted with their first single 'Come Back Again' back on June 9, 2010! Infinite recently became a six-member group and had a comeback in January with their single 'Tell Me'! These boys have an amazing electro-pop and R&B sound that anyone will love!
5. JYJ's Beginning
Although JYJ originally debuted in Japan, their South Korean debut was on October 14th, 2010 with their song 'Ayyy Girl' which featured Kanye West and Malik Yusef. Their first singles in Japan and South Korea both debuted on charts at number 1, and their debut album 'The Beginning' sold over 400,000 physical albums! Wow!

JYJ are currently on hiatus due to member Kim Junsu's enlistment. We are waiting for their return to the music scene!
6. A Nine Muses Party
Debuting with their single album 'Let's Have a Party', Nine Muses raided the music scene with their first single 'No Playboy' back on August 12, 2010! Although they originally debuted with nine members, the current line-up consists of five. These gorgeous girls have come a very long way, and still show us their undeniable talent and amazing dance moves for every comeback! Have you checked them out yet?!
7. Groups that Broke the curse in 2018
Both ZE:A and CNBLUE have broken the curse in 2018. ZE:A made their debut with "Mazeltov" back on January 7, 2010, while CNBLUE made their Korean debut back on January 14, 2010 with "I'm a Loner". Both groups are on hiatus as ZE:A takes a voluntary hiatus while CNBLUE's Yonghwa is in the military. Fans of both groups will patiently wait for their return!
8. Bonus: Sad To Say Goodbye
Both SISTAR and miss A would've celebrated their 8th-anniversary this year but both groups have disbanded. It's said that these two powerhouse groups couldn't break the '7-year Curse' but they will never be forgotten.

  1. Orange Caramel
  2. Girl's Day
  4. JYJ
  5. miss A
  6. Nine Muses
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