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Pop Quiz: Which iKON member is your ideal Valentine?

By Mocha89   Monday, January 29, 2018   50,509   5,924   85



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You can have anything you want for dinner. What do you choose?

  • Beef

  • Pasta

  • Tangerines

  • Rice soup

  • Everything!!

  • Pizza

  • Steak

If you decided to learn Japanese, which phrase would you like the most?

  • Naruto (Name of an anime character)

  • Hajimemashite (Nice to meet you)

  • Itadakemasseu (I'll eat well)

  • Aishiteru (I love you)

  • Konnichiwa (Hello)

  • Aissidemasseu (I love you)

  • Chukareta (I'm tired)

How would you describe yourself?

  • Very talkative

  • Cute

  • Short and loving

  • You always do your best

  • Aegyo 24/7

  • Sexy on the inside and out

  • Pure and innocent

What's your life motto?

  • What goes around, comes around

  • Be decent at all times

  • Manners come first

  • Be realistic at all times

  • There is nothing impossible in life

  • Be a warm-hearted person at all times

  • Follow my dreams depending on how I feel

Which topic interests you the most?

  • Cycling

  • Candles

  • R&B

  • Tattoos

  • Card games

  • Cinema

  • Fashion

Pick a trait you find unattractive in a guy

  • Shyness

  • Impatience

  • Lightweight drinker

  • Indifference

  • 'Hater' attitude

  • Gets nervous easily

  • Smelly feet

Pick a trait you find charming in a guy

  • Versatile

  • Funny

  • Approachable

  • Friendy

  • Doesn't cry often

  • Determined

  • Great smile

  • Pop Quiz: Which iKON member is your ideal Valentine?


    You got Bobby! He's definitely the tough guy of iKON. You can spend Valentine's Day eating pizza together and thinking of new rap songs together. Or better yet, Bobby could write a rap just for you about how you're not like the other girls.
  • Pop Quiz: Which iKON member is your ideal Valentine?


    You got Chanwoo, the maknae of the group. Denim is your go-to fashion choice and you like calling older guys "Oppa". There's never a dull moment with Chanwoo because of his competitive spirit. Since Chanwoo enjoys playing video games, maybe you'll beat him at his own hobby!
  • Pop Quiz: Which iKON member is your ideal Valentine?

    Koo Jun Hoe

    You got Jun Hoe! If you want to make him jealous, all you have to do is act cute in front of another guy and he'll be green with envy. You'll know if you made Jun Hoe jealous right away since he's the type of guy who can't conceal his emotions very well. You can spend Valentine's Day by listening to "Billie Jean" together and practicing your moonwalking.
  • Pop Quiz: Which iKON member is your ideal Valentine?


    You got Donghyuk! You're very connected with your inner emotions and can turn on the cuteness full blast when you're in the mood. You're also understanding of other people's feelings, which is why Donghyuk is the perfect Valentine's Day date for you!
  • Pop Quiz: Which iKON member is your ideal Valentine?


    You got B.I! Even though B.I is your Valentine, he can confide in you like you two are friends instead of lovers. Maybe he can teach you a thing or two in the boxing ring since that's one of his favorite activities. You'll totally K.O. him with your love.
  • Pop Quiz: Which iKON member is your ideal Valentine?

    Kim Jin Hwan

    You got Jin Hwan! Be ready to laugh and cry with him on Valentine's Day. His low alcohol tolerance means you won't be able to drink very much but who says you can't have a fun time sober? There will definitely be good vibes between you two on Valentine's Day.
  • Pop Quiz: Which iKON member is your ideal Valentine?

    Song Yun Hyeong

    You got Yun Hyeong! He'll be able to cook you a romantic meal of pasta for Valentine's Day. If you're feeling generous, you can cook him fried rice and he'll love you for making the dish he never gets sick of. After dinner, you and Yun Hyeong can watch "Shitsuren Chocolatier" together since he's a big fan of that drama.


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