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Posted by LorraineYe AKP STAFF Friday, January 12, 2018

10 K-Pop Teasers We'll Watch Over and Over

1. f(x)'s 'Pink Tape' teaser
For f(x)'s second album release, the group released a teaser to the album that came in the form of an art film. Not only does the art shown in the video perfectly reflect the feelings and nature of the songs on "Pink Tape," the teaser is strung together in a hipster-esque visual aesthetic that enchants the viewer.
2. EXO's Pathcode teaser
EXO's Pathcode teasers were extra special because they had an individual teaser for each member of the group. Ever since EXO's debut, they've aimed for the superhero theme, but Pathcode was the point where their videos and teasers became more intricately interwoven. Pathcode earned its spot as a fan favorite teaser series because of the fun EXO-L's had in attempting to figure out how each story line connected with one another.
3. LOONA 1/3's debut teaser
In order to debut LOONA's sub-unit, LOONA 1/3, the group put out a teaser video! The cute pixel power music combined with mysterious clips and images of the sub-unit's members gave fan a lot to look forward to come LOONA 1/3's debut. Fans were guessing which members would be included, based off random body parts!
4. SHINee's 'Dream Girl' teaser
The teaser for SHINee's "Dream Girl" was highly popular when it dropped. In fact, many fans loved the mix of the song used in the teaser so much, that they preferred it over the actual track itself. The random clips put together created a lot of buzz as to how the video would actually pan out.
5. Block B Park Kyung's teaser
No teaser has gotten our attention like Park Kyung of Block B, during Block B's "Nilili Mambo" era! The teaser is a direct look into the actual full-length video which consists of shots of Park Kyung dancing on the streets and gyrating at random strangers. He's feeling himself, and we are feeling him!
6. BTS's 'Run' teaser
BTS had a huge hit with their track "Run," but the teaser was the reason their main video garnered so much attention. With dramatic, dimly lit shots portraits of all the members, the teaser for "Run" was a big hit not only visually, but musically! The teaser featured not the official track for "Run," but the ballad version, which many fans adore!
7. Girls' Generation's 'Mr. Mr.' teaser
Girls' Generation's "Mr. Mr." teaser was highly awaited as it marked the first comeback we'd had from our lovely GG members in a very long time. The teaser uses spliced shots of the members and the editing creates a definite feeling of mystery. It's hard to not want more Girls' Generation when you watch the teaser for "Mr. Mr."
8. WINNER's 'The Visitor' teaser
WINNER's teaser for "The Visitor" was highly dramatic and quite intricate in detail. Netizens have said time and time again that the teaser for "The Visitor" shouldn't be regarded as a teaser, but rather simply as 'art'. Frankly, we totally agree! The aesthetic shots of dice, nebulas, cartoons, and the members of WINNER tie together beautifully!
9. Stellar's 'Sting' teaser
Some teasers, unlike their more mysterious counterparts, are direct windows into the tracks they're previewing. In Stellar's case, their teaser for "Sting" is a great preview to their explosive chorus! Though the video seems to start with a tame electronic sound, the poppy and powerful chorus kicks in, getting fans riled up and ready for the full MV!
10. SF9's 'Set a Fire' teaser
SF9's teaser for "Set a Fire" was visually an artistic masterpiece! Each shot seemed to be of a different art installation of mixed mediums. Paired with deep bass and great movement from each of the members, this FNC Entertainment group shows that they're here to act as a huge musical force to be reckoned with! We find something new in this teaser just about every time we watch it.
11. Bonus: Super Junior's 'Devil' teaser
A teaser that seriously lives up to the name and brand that Super Junior have built up over the years, as one of the funniest K-Pop groups of all time! SERIOUSLY SO FUNNY LOL.

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