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Posted by eric_r_wirsing AKP STAFF Saturday, November 11, 2017

[MV & Album Review] MONSTA X – 'The Code'



Track List:

2. Now or Never
3. In Time
4. From Zero
5. X
6. Tropical Night
7. Deja Vu

MONSTA X has just dropped their 5th mini-album, 'The Code: Protocol Terminal.' Jooheon and I.M co-wrote lyrics for many of the tracks on their 5th mini-album, including the title track. "In Time" was co-written by Jooheon,  and Wonho co-composed "From Zero" and worked with I.M and Jooheon on the lyrics, along with Brother Su

"DRAMARAMA" is the title track, and it's not the best. The refrain is juvenile and downright embarrassing, with it's "dramamaramamalamama hey." And it's a pity because the rest of the song is actually pretty lit. I like "Now or Never" a lot better. This is one hot jam. I like the power and energy here, and the raps are totally sick. "In Time" is an R&B-inspired ballad. The vocals range from rough to emotional, and it works, for the most part. 

"From Zero" is a soft pop tune, with a few surprises -- like the techno break in the chorus. Fantastic! "X" is just pure hip-hop attitude. When they're not rapping, you can hear some anger-fueled awesomeness here. "Tropical Night" starts out as a quiet pop piece, but ends up being bold and in your face. Just the way I like it. "Deja Vu" just gives one more reason to be a fan of MONSTA X. It's loud, adrenaline-pumping trap. And I love it.   

So yeah, whatever they learned on their world tour that affected the way they do things, I like it. There are very few slow, artsy pieces like on the 'Clan' series. The whole thing hangs together extremely well and is one of those albums that spits fire. I like this one a lot and look forward to hearing more.


The MV seems to center around the boys who come into possession of a certain, special watch. This over-sized chronometer apparently has the power to teleport the user and turn back time as well. But all is not okay, as there are "Men in Black" types who are chasing those who possess that timepiece.

The dancing is just a wonder to behold. These boys certainly know their moves, and it shows here. The choreo is inviting, invigorating, and absolutely on point. Everything was out and on display, and it didn't seem like they were trying to cover up someone's lack of movement.

The centerpiece is the drama. While I'm not sure I got everything, I'm pretty sure I covered the basics. The special effects were sweet, with cars rolling end to end, members disappearing only to appear somewhere else, and some beautifully framed shots. If I was a little underwhelmed by the quality of some recent MVs, this one restored my faith, at least a little.

A kickass song (I got used to the refrain the more I heard it), and some great visuals, along with an interesting tale with some twists. What's not to like?


MV Relevance...........8
MV Production..........9
MV Concept..............9

Album Production.....9
Album Concept.........8


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