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10 Idols Mistaken as Foreigners

By LorraineYe   Friday, November 10, 2017   410,496   5,416   309
I'm not a foreigner!
K-Pop idols from every group have individual traits that make them attractive! Whether it's a charming personality, intellect, or striking good looks, idols seem to always be easy on the eye. However, some idols have strong features that they don't seem Asian at times! These are 10 idols that easily mistaken as foreigners.



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1. VIXX's Ken
Once in 2015, an MC mistook VIXX's Ken on live television! Despite this, Ken is from Jayang-dong. Netizens frequently comment on the fact that they thought he was a foreigner the first time they laid eyes on him wondering if he was Thai rather than Korean.
2. Seventeen's Vernon
Vernon of Seventeen often gets mistaken for being full Caucasian by netizens all over! Though his father is Korean and his mother is White, his western features stick out in comparison to the norm.
3. LOONA's Jinsoul
LOONA's Jinsoul sports a bleach blonde 'do that gives her a strikingly western profile. K-Pop fans often make the mistake of assuming she's a mix of a multitude of ethnicities, but Jinsoul is 100% Korean!
4. Gyuri
Gyuri was frequently compared to a westerner due to her golden, amber locks and large eyes. The light hair is what often gives off the confusing vibe to people!
5. Highlight's Dongwoon
Many people think Dongwoon is a foreigner with some European genes when looking at him.
6. JYJ's Jaejoong
Fans all over the web don't even think Jaejoong is of the human species due to his devilishly handsome good looks and features. However, many netizens do claim that he is one of the native idols that resembles a foreigner the most!
7. SEVENTEEN's S.Coups
Another member of SEVENTEEN, S.Coups is often mistaken as a mixed ethnicity idol with some netizens even believing that he was fully Caucasian. S.Coups was born in Daegu and is actually full-Korean!
8. Gummy
Gummy often gets mistaken for a foreigner with netizens from all over saying she is half-American or half-European! Her gorgeously chiseled nose and large eyes give her a different look from other idols!
9. iKON's Yunhyeong
Though Yunhyeong doesn't have blatantly western looks like some of the other idols in this list, he is still oftentimes mistaken as a foreigner! With a high nasal bone and deep double eyelids, his look is extremely different from that of the characteristic idol!
10. Block B's Jaehyo
Block B's Jaehyo boasts a sharp tapered nose, large eyes, and the facial structure of a European! His chiseled face is a vast difference from the squishier cheeks of other idols!

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