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Media outlet compares BTOB, BTS, & MONSTA X's methods of staying in touch with fans while not promoting

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One media outlet provided a comparison of how boy groups BTSMONSTA X and BTOB kept in touch with their fans while not promoting through a domestic music release.

BTS - 'Kings of Content'

The group recently announced their plans to make a comeback in September as well as their final encore concert, '2017 BTS LIVE TRILOGY EPISODE III THE WINGS TOUR'. But, until those schedules come, the group has religiously been feeding fans with social contents including their debut anniversary celebration 'Festa', which included two weeks worth of various surprises such as music covers, song releases, and photos. Their reality show 'Bon Voyage Season 2' allows fans to dive into the boys' deep tropical adventures of Hawaii, while Twitter updates are out of the question as the 'Top Social Artist' winners have just scored seven million followers and are consistently keeping fans updated with tweets.

 Monsta X - the 'Next Generation Content-dols'

Three years into their debut, MONSTA X recently released their first repackaged album 'Shine Forever' and ended their promotional activities to venture into exploring the world. The group recently wrapped up their North American leg of their show 'MONSTA X The 1st Tour - Beautiful' and will be heading their way to Europe, then Japan. In the meantime, to satiate fans, the boys are currently airing their reality program 'MONSTA X-Ray 2', giving fans a look at their never ending charms and vibrant personalities. If that were not enough, the group just released their special summer tune "Newton". MONSTA X will also be creating another content platform called the 'Mon Channel' to bring behind the scenes footage to fans. 

BTOB - 'With music we will fill

BTOB finished promotions for 'Feel'Em' in March; however, that has not stopped the group from releasing music pieces. Currently, the group is carrying out their solo project 'Piece of BTOB'. The project started out back in April, and since then, individual members have been releasing their self-composed solo songs. So far, members ChangsubIlhoon, Peniel, and Hyunsik have revealed their solo tracks, and BTOB have let fans know that once the solo projects wrap up, they'll be having a domestic, group comeback. 

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What do you think about the three boy groups' ways of keeping in touch with fans?

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  2. Eunkwang
  3. Hyunsik
  4. Sungjae
  5. Ilhoon
  6. Peniel
  7. Changsub
  8. Minhyuk
  9. Minhyuk
  10. (Bangtan Boys) BTS
  11. V
  12. Jungkook
  13. Jimin
  14. Jin
  15. j-hope
  16. SUGA
  17. Rap Monster
  18. Jin
  19. V
  20. Jin
  21. MONSTA X
  22. Jooheon
  23. Shownu
  24. Wonho
  25. Kihyun
  26. Minhyuk
  27. I.M
  28. Hyungwon




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