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Fans worry about Minhyun's saline allergy with Wanna One spotted shooting in the ocean

Minhyun, Wanna One
Fans of Wanna One and NU'EST are worried about member Minhyun's saline allergy, after Wanna One was spotted shooting in the ocean on July 7. 

It was revealed that Wanna One traveled to the country in Korea this day to participate in a jacket photoshoot for their debut album. While YMC Entertainment stated that Wanna One's debut concept has not been decided yet, it was said that the jacket photoshoot would be carried out in a variety of different styles with nature as an overarching concept. 

Fans have long since known of Minhyun's allergy to salt. During NU'EST's "Overcome" promotions, the group talked about the member's allergy after shooting with salt for their MV

Netizens argued the likelihood that YMC Entertainment did not bother to learn about the Wanna One members' allergies, and that the members may partake in more activities which may affect their health negatively. Comments included, "If they don't know that Minhyun is allergic to salt, that means they don't know about the other boys' allergies", "Wanna One are in the Donghae sea, which has a salt content of 33.3%. A person's salt content is 0.6%... how is this okay, he gets allergic reactions from his own sweat?", and more, while others said, "I think Minhyun wrapped up his filming okay. And Minhyun is smart, he knows himself well, so I'm sure he was fine. Spreading this too much might affect him in a bad way", "Getting worked up about this will only hurt Minhyun", etc. 

What do you think about the issue?

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