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UEE in talks to sign with Yuleum Entertainment

By elliefilet   Wednesday, May 31, 2017   26,540   2,517   13



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UEE is reported to be in talks to sign with Yuleum Entertainment.

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According to reports on May 31, the former After School member is currently negotiating an exclusive contract with the agency, which houses actors, musical actors, and singers like Kim Sung Ryung, Lee Tae Ran, Kim Yoo Mi, Lee Hyun Wook, and more.

On May 31, Pledis Entertainment announced UEE had officially parted ways with the agency and After School after debuting with the girl group in 2009. 

Stay tuned for updates on UEE.
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Longan_Lychee Wednesday, May 31, 2017

A wise choice. Pledis sucks ass in handling and managing their artists.

forgivemenot1 Longan_Lychee Wednesday, May 31, 2017

And you just proved you know nothing about UEE or Pledis, firstly last year a list was released of the ten richest/highest paid female idols for 2015-2016, UEE was number two which means Pledis which 'sucks ass' handling her career made her a very rich woman one who was making more money than everyone else regardless of group or company save SUZY who was number one on that same list, I wish my company 'sucked ass' like that I might be able to retire very wealthy, Secondly Nana was on that same list at number seven which made them the only girls from the same group to make that list as everyone else was from different groups.

Longan_Lychee forgivemenot1 Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Nope, they were lucky enough to have landed successful dramas and gotten the consequent acting jobs. UEE is a mediocre to good actress, depending on the drama. Nana’s debut was strong. They come from a group, which is moderately liked and got decent amount of attention. So at the end of the day, they were lucky. And Suzy being first was the direct result of JYP ahjusshis blatant mediaplay and pushing. Also, I’d very much love to see that list because I believe Hyeri was the endorsement queen and more relevant than UEE in 2015-2016

forgivemenot1 Longan_Lychee Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Uee got her first acting role in 2009 the same year she joined AS and from 2011 she has been getting only leading roles and has won 5 acting awards and been nominated for 17 others and she's also been highly praised, 'mediocre to good' to you but obviously the facts show otherwise, Nana stated she has been going to auditions since she joined AS but it's only recently she got a role in a Chinese move which got her a role on The Good Wife which has now got her a movie role, she has already won one rookie award for The Good Wife with three other nominations, yes they were both 'lucky' but that could be said of anyone in that industry so I don't see your point in saying that; And SUZY being first on that list is important regardless of how she got there because it becomes telling when you also take into account the story last year where the CEO of JYPE reveled who made the most money in 2016 in which SUZY was second Got7 third and TWICE was fourth, if SUZY makes more money than arguably the most popular girl group of the moment and Uee is only second to her that explains why Pledis was focusing on 'individual activities' rather than have a comeback for AS which isn't nearly as popular as TWICE is. I don't recall where/if Hyeri was on that list but just because she was the 'endorsement queen' doesn't mean she makes the list because there are other factors to consider like for instance UEE's contract with Pledis was an individual one which means what she earns outside of the group she keeps, most groups have a shared contract with maybe a few exceptions plus the percentage cut between artist and company also changes over time which is also a consideration, and while endorsements do pay well Uee also does a lot of them plus acting which she could very well be paid more for than what Hyeri does because Hyeri only got her first leading role in reply 1998 which is only two lead roles I know of, UEE has had 8 lead roles 5 of which span the time Hyeri had her two; if you want to see the list Google it, you might also find a list from 2014 The Top 10 Highest Earning Kpop Stars which list both male and female celebrities, Uee was 9 on that list between Super Junior's Lee Teuk at 8 and TOP at 10, that article said UEE takes in 7.8 million USD's annually.

Longan_Lychee forgivemenot1 Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Then... why is she changing agencies? You’d think one would stick to a company that has managed their career well and provided them with many opportunities. Seems like UEE and her personal manager did bulk of the work, not Pledis...

ajoday720 forgivemenot1 Wednesday, May 31, 2017

so 2 out of how many idols and actors they have debuted are relatively successful and you think their agency is doing well for them?! LOLOLOL SonDamBi was their first money maker and she dipped out of there as soon as she got the chance too.

forgivemenot1 Longan_Lychee Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The reason she's changing agencies is simple and obvious, to further her career! Yes Pledis has managed her career well so far but Pledis is a small to medium sized company that focuses on music and while it can get it's artists work in the acting field it wouldn't be as good as a company that specialized in acting which would have more connections in the acting world and thus be able to get better and higher paid work; this isn't personal it's business, UEE is a hot commodity because of her success and it's has already been reported she has been getting a lot of 'love calls' and those calls have probably been from some very large agencies who have been offering some pretty large signing bonuses to get Uee to sign, she is moving to the big leagues it's as simple as that.

forgivemenot1 ajoday720 Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Son Dambi was Pledis's first success but you sound like she fled to the hills because Pledis somehow failed her, that wasn't the case and a common misconception; the thing that annoy's me most is that the majority of Kpop fans seem to willfully ignore how the Kpop industry works and that Kpop stars 'plan B' are their lifeline in continuing in the entertainment industry after they reach a certain age, why do you think all these Kpop group members have so many 'jobs' outside of Kpop? Acting, modeling, CF's, endorsement's, hosting TV shows, hosting radio shows, etc, for a bunch of 'singers' they spend an awful amount of time doing things that aren't singing! the reason is simple it's because most singers don't make much money singing unless you are Top Tier and the time period when you can make money off music is about 3-4 years for most female singers. Son Dambi started relativity at a late age, she was 24 and when she left Pledis she was 31, in Korea 32, female singers still active in their thirties are pretty much nonexistent and the few that are, are much better singers than Son Dambi ever was and they don't tend to sell a lot of music, that part of her career was over but Pledis had already successfully transited her into acting (plan B) and she was also in high demand for endorsements and CF's which make you a lot of money, more than music, so what happened when her contract was up? as with what I explained above with UEE she joined a acting agency, but not just any acting agency she joined Key East one of the largest acting companies in Korea with partnerships overseas; if you want to get into acting full time you couldn't pick a much better company to further that career. I would point out that SUZY didn't re-sign with JYPE and she was treated like a princess there and JYPE is the third largest Kpop company and she did well there, this isn't a reflection on the company it's the members decision and what they think is best for them. And yes 'two' members out of After School being successful IS doing really well, pick any girlgroup you want and tell me how many of its members are doing as well as UEE and Nana, I bet the number is less than five that have two members doing that well who are on AS's level, Hyuna from 4Minute? the rest not so much, CL and Dara from 2NE1? Bom gone and Minzy may make it but too early to tell and 2NE1 was top tier and while Kara did well musically particularly overseas just how many members are still singing and doing well doing that?

youTaeyeonOMG Wednesday, May 31, 2017

UEE ! honestly, before u talk and sign, lose some weight pls ! just look at your face and body, u really scared the hell out of me ! LMFAO..

ZYXMYG youTaeyeonOMG Wednesday, May 31, 2017

how boring and predictable

allexyah youTaeyeonOMG Wednesday, May 31, 2017

u mean gain some weight right? xD

ajoday720 youTaeyeonOMG Wednesday, May 31, 2017

she was the first "honey thighs" when she debuted. like go away

Imshook youTaeyeonOMG Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Gain some weight* Fixed for you.

The End



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