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Jaejoong wants TVXQ fans to 'keep the faith'

By jennywill   Wednesday, May 3, 2017   100,933   12,530   0



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JYJ's Jaejoong made a mysterious post on Instagram.

He recently posted a photo of his TVXQ tattoo and captioned it, "#keep_the_faith". While 'always keep the faith' has been Jaejoong's personal motto, it's also a phrase TVXQ fans use to symbolize their love for the five boys. 

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It's definitely a weird combination. What do you think he meant by the posts?

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GDYBMINO Thursday, May 11, 2017

So all what Jaejoong was doing is promoting his 1st watch collection and you dragged him to all this rotten drama

danikpopgirl Tuesday, May 9, 2017

What did Allkpop do exactly? They just posted their opinion, they said nothing about hate or anything mean or rude. They just said he posted the picture of his TVfXQ tattoo with his motto that happens to be the motto of the DB5K fans? That deserves fights and disrespect from their fans...? Shouldn't we be happy that he still loves the tattoo has fond memories that e can be proud of his tattoo? And what's wrong with people wanting to believe a reunion? Its an innocent thought that all cassies have in the back of their heads. No it most likely not happen, especially under SM but that doesn't they couldn't? They could do like Beast (B2st) did and leave and make their own entertainment, who knows what could happen in the future for those boys. No-one was there to see why he posted it or ask what was going on in his head when he did it, and I think people should respect other people's thoughts even if they're way different than your own! :3Just be nice people <3 lol

GDYBMINO danikpopgirl Thursday, May 11, 2017

No they said jaejoong is asking "tvxq fans" to keep the faith read the title when Jaejoong didn't. I can't count how many times Jaejoong told fans "leave past in the past" and "JYJ is forever" why allkpop is putting words in Jaejoong's mouth in their title

danikpopgirl GDYBMINO Saturday, May 13, 2017

but then they cleared the point in the article. People are blowing this up to crazy heights, and good that Jaejoong said that but that still doesn't mean he can't be supporting his fellow artists. He's a guy that's free to do what he wants lol noone knows his real reasons, negative, positive or neutral lol

hanjivara Friday, May 5, 2017

as an over 10 years DB5K fan there's nothing that will makes me happier than seeing them in the same stage again singing all the past beautiful songs, but NO allkpop you don't have the right to put words in Jaejoong's mouth fans speculate all the time but you are misleading people here and most importantly you are wronging Jaejoong here. Keep the faith is something Jaejoong says whenever he's facing hardships, in that back maybe you see only the TVfXQ word but there are more, actually everything Jaejoong wanted to say about never giving up is there. I'm more concerned he means " the pleasure of the mighty are the tears of the poor" since JJ tweeted that couple of times when JYJ were facing troubles enable to hold concerts because some people were blocking them to get the concert venue back in 2011 Japan. we all know Junsu is in army, JJ didn't even give us a clear idea about JYJ's future let alone to do it for DBSK. Give this man a break, he told fans don't live in the past focus on me in my present in his concert after discharge for a reason.

Doremifasoul hanjivara Friday, May 5, 2017

Your bias is Jaejoong, I see. However, everyone is free to interpret whatever he posted. If he meant it to be just about him, then so be it. However, Jaejoong would have been more careful by not showing the big bold letters "TVXfQ"; so in a way maybe he did want DB5K fans to still have hope. Besides, if he didnt care about TVXQ anymore, he wouldve removed that tattoo long ago.

Julian5 Doremifasoul Friday, May 5, 2017

TVfXQ stands for JAE only!! the f = JJ position in TVXQ! + He treasures & cherishes his every experience in life & is thankful to it!! + That was once his dear past! His every tattoo represents a crucial step of his life that he inked on his body so that he keeps remembering it! He stated himself that he regrets nothing from his past & that it was all a good experience!! so he ll never remove one of his tattoos! + in that pic there s more than 1 meaningful tatt

Julian5 Friday, May 5, 2017

As for a reunion JJ just expressed his displeasure upon meeting some sm snakes in coldplay concert! So if smth were going to happen it's gonna be outside sm barracks which looks the most unlikely to happen!! Cuz Yunho the day of his discharge showed his will to carry on with sm all the way.. It s good to keep dreaming of seeing them standing on the same stage again bt we need some logic & rationality too!

GDYBMINO Doremifasoul Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Do you even know why people put Tattoos ? he is not supposed to delete anything that belongs to him and his life.

jaeprincess Thursday, May 4, 2017

It's not for TVXQ fans but  for Kim Jaejoong fans ...

DZico Thursday, May 4, 2017

I am still keeping the faith , but to be honest I don't see DB5K reunion , it just seem impossible .

hiroonakamura Thursday, May 4, 2017

seeing as JYJ will most likely disband soon (since Yoochun said that he is not returning to the entertainment scene after his enlistment ends ---> JYJ can't be JJ ), I think he is hoping for a reunion with the two guys who didnt leave SM. That way, their group can still be alive even after Yoochun leaves

Ninson hiroonakamura Thursday, May 4, 2017

Yoochun never said this. Don't spread unconfirmed rumors. And "always keep the faith" is not only Jaejoong's motto. This is also Yoochun's and Yoohwan's motto. They have the same tattoo. So this article is just clickbait bullshit made by the person who knows nothing about Jaejoong and JYJ.

hanjivara hiroonakamura Friday, May 5, 2017

lol do you think JJ needs a group to survive ? really ? for 3 years JYJ were doing only solo activities when they were active as JYJ even at that time they were busy with their solos you think JYJ is that typical Kpop group who's members depend on the group. No you are wrong here each and every member of JYJ built himself a name and a strong solo careeer ages now, they have barely done any group activities in the past few years, literally stole some time to make a comeback as JYJ mid there busy schedule as solo. Junsu passed 2 years without JYJ just fine from an activity to the other like a Hot cake. same for Jaejoong since D-1 of his discharge he had activities and I can't even catch up with the nembers of pictorials he did while touring in just the past 4 months but I believe it's more than 5 already. Jaejoong got dramas and movie offers since he was in Army. and for your information Jaejoong said that his schedule is already full with planned activities since his discharge. what you said about groups make 0 sense.

hanjivara Friday, May 5, 2017


hiroonakamura hanjivara Friday, May 5, 2017

i am not talking about solos but as a group. as a group jyj cant be jy, yj or jj. wouldnt work.

Ninson hiroonakamura Saturday, May 6, 2017

This is also not true. JY made a single together before, YJ did fanmeeting together just fine when JJ was in army. JJ made song for JS's album and so on. They can do all what they want even if one or two of the members on hiatus and they are still members of JYJ at the same time.

jeanny88 Thursday, May 4, 2017

TVXQ . JYJ. SUPER JUNIOR are all a legend - they care of each others because they are friends we dont know what they promised and talk between them in our behind pls dont jump to conclusion and create a fans war  and i believed they still support each others = please stops fans war i am fans of Super Junior but i hope these legend should be a roll model to  younger K-pop group  - Changmin very close to Kyuhyun SJ, Junsu a close friend of Eunhyuk, Jaejoong close to Heechul, and you see now Changmin, Siwon and Donghae the together everyday, even they are under SM but they are not SM puppet  they are grown up ppl and they know what they doing, of course they have to respect to SM  its a work ethic. I think JAEJOONG and TVXQ know why Jae put a tatoo saying keep the faith - pls let them be between friends. and nothing wrong Jae saying that.

SoJamLove Thursday, May 4, 2017

i miss them, i just... miss them

crystalCassie91 Thursday, May 4, 2017

I'm not trying to be a joy killer here.. But I remember well that Jaejoong himself stated the meaning of his tattoo "Alway keep the faith", he said "The 'always keep the faith tattoo I have on the front represents my desire to protect my beliefs".. So no it isn't directly related to TVXQ.. The fans are the ones who used it that way, but he has another meaning for it..

Doremifasoul crystalCassie91 Friday, May 5, 2017

However, the big bold letters saying "TVXfQ" is clearly seen. While yes, Jaejoong said that Always Keep the Faith has a different meaning to him, he also knows this motto is what OT5 fans are using. Besides, if he didnt care about TVXfQ anymore, he'd have removed that tattoo long ago. JJ posted this and everyone is free to interpret it. You can't classify it just as black or white. It is purely subjective.

crystalCassie91 Doremifasoul Friday, May 5, 2017

Yes, I'm not suggesting AT ALL that he doesn't care about TVXQ.. He definitely holds that time and name dear to him.. It's what made him who he is today.. and he probably/hopefully fixed his bond with the Hommin.. I'm just saying let's not jump to conclusions and assume he means something, when he could be referring to something entirely different.. Like you said, it is purely subjective.

Julian5 Thursday, May 4, 2017

alkp always looking for fanwars & dramas for this man & his members! He never said that it was for TVXQ fans! although I'm an ot5 myself! Everyone is free to interpret it the way he wants

samael Julian5 Thursday, May 4, 2017

he didnt put the TVXQ tattoo on there for nothing though, its clearly a message.

Julian5 samael Thursday, May 4, 2017

I said everyone is free to interpret it the way he wants!! there s a bunch of interesting posts in his ig bt alkp always pick the one that may stir controversies & add fuel to fire & share it here!! + there s many tattoos on that pic other than TVfXQ! there s "The pleasure of the mighty are the tears of the poor” 2- “A Song will outlive all sermons in the memory” 3-“hope to the end 4- “TVfXQ Soul” = Kim Jaejoong.

GDYBMINO samael Thursday, May 4, 2017

Jaejoong is showing his back all the time, do you even know or follow him. there are 5 others tattoo in that picture not just the TVfXQ word (btw it's not even tvxq it's TVfXQ soul which stand for Jaejoong alone).

Longan_Lychee Julian5 Thursday, May 4, 2017

Jaejoong is so desperate because JYJ is basically done and he’s becoming more and more irrelevant day by day and he has to somehow manage to stay on headlines. That’s why he’s giving ambiguous messages to his followers. He’s got to stop that because soon it will look like he’s an attention seeker

GDYBMINO Longan_Lychee Thursday, May 4, 2017

oh Kim Jaejoong is revelant with and without both TVXQ and JYJ since basically he's been always and still the most popular. the Kim Jaejoong you're talking about have just one the most loved artist by chinese for the year 2016, the most popular artist in GDA for the year 2016, and the best korean artist in China for the year 2016, while he was in military service he just got out and got all these awards. if you are ignorant go do some research real attention seeker.

Haru_ki Longan_Lychee Thursday, May 4, 2017

it looks like you're the one desperate, always trolling in every article. I didn't know posting in IG was to seek attention and maybe he should ask you the next time what's better to post! lol

Hyeriioo Longan_Lychee Thursday, May 4, 2017

irrelevant???????????????please tell me you are kidding .. Do you know how many new fans he get?? and how many started to listen to him? even today I saw one,,,

Longan_Lychee Haru_ki Thursday, May 4, 2017

I don’t troll on every article. If you read my comments carefully, you’d see that my intention is not to troll at all. Especially if the subject is serious. Why do people keep thinking I’m a troll -_- ? I’m just opinionated

Haru_ki Longan_Lychee Thursday, May 4, 2017

how can you say that? this is an article about a photo that JAE posted, not Micky or JYJ, he didn't even say anything and you're commenting everywhere random things about them, you can dislike him/them but don't expect people to take you seriously when you only talk in a negative way and making fanwars.

Julian5 Longan_Lychee Thursday, May 4, 2017

stupid troll! u know 0 detail abt JAEJOONG so better keep your mouth shut & keep calm!! don't embarrass urself moree! What opinionated what bullshit?? Do some research if u r that ignorant before spiting stupid comments! The Great JAEJOONG we're talking abt has been blocked from tv broadcast & has been enlisting in active military service duty for 2 yrs! He released an album while enlisting (with 0 promos) yet he managed to top 40+ countries kpop charts & 9 countries overall charts (LEGENDS Only)!! He s 2 nd BEST Solo seller Artist in Korea with the least released albums in the list& while being banned by shitty sm!! He s the only 2nd generation idol who stands & wins against all the hot trendy new generation of idol groups! Right after his discharge he won The Golden Disk Award Asia Popularity Award & missed worldwide popularity by 0,.. & won Best Korean Artist in the YinYueTai V charts etc... His concerts sold out within 1 min!! He was & still the most famous member in every group he is been in!! He s the one bringing glory!! He s just way too perfect!! So if he shared smth on his ig those duo stans should be thankful cuz he s the one doing them some pub not the other way round!! Ot5 support him too all the way even if he gets ride of that tattoo (which will never happen cuz it was once his identity & he treasures his every experience in life)! He got the most loyal fans in the kpop land so better dont make mistakes! He s a RED Line!!

Doremifasoul GDYBMINO Friday, May 5, 2017

However, the big bold letters saying "TVXfQ" is clearly seen. While yes, Jaejoong said that Always Keep the Faith has a different meaning to him, he also knows this motto is what OT5 fans are using. Besides, if he didnt care about TVXfQ anymore, he'd have removed that tattoo long ago. JJ posted this and everyone is free to interpret it. You can't classify it just as black or white. It is purely subjective. LOL! Since when did TVfXQ just mean Jaejoong only?! You're purely delusional. If you cant accept that Jaejoong can be friends with SM people, that is your problem. However, like what ive already said, its none of your business. You dont own Jaejoong, and you cant be the one to decide who can be or cannot be his friends.

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