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Posted by AllK_Maknae18 pts Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The craziest diets for idols

1. The 'Cup' Diet
The lovely ladies of Nine Muses weren't just born looking like models (Sorta), they had to work hard for it! The girls revealed how the red solo cup wasn't a means for freshmen 15 but their trick to staying thin.
2. The 'Cabbage' Diet
While Park Bom has received a lot of attention for her various weight loss methods, the cabbage diet is the most memorable one! She slimmed down in no time. The water from cabbage keeps you full and it also has an added health benefit. It also stopped her from snacking, since she is a snack queen!
3. The 'Sweet Potato' Diet
It is as simple as the word potato. Sweet potatoes only! They are filled with essential vitamins and your skin will thank you too! How else can we look skinnier than girl groups like Girl's Day?
4. The 'Banana' Diet
Also known as a 'Glamour Diet,' the popular fad came from Japan and once celebrity Seo In Young took on the trend, many people followed soon after. 6kg in 4 weeks, sounds too good to be true! Does banana milk count, too?
5. The 'Danish' Diet
If you don't know the 'Denmark Diet,' you are living under a rock! KARA's ex-member Nicole was fond of this diet and had a unique regimen of eating lettuce, beef, coffee, eggs, and spinach while reducing your daily calorie intake to just 600.
6. One Meal A Day
While some may say pigging out in one shot is a guaranteed way of gaining weight, idols such as Ga In from Brown Eyed Girls and even SISTAR's Soyu said it was their ideal method of losing weight. Better pile that plate high!
7. 'Soy Milk' Diet
Similar to IU's protein shake diet, girl group members such as Oneket from G.I. would only drink one bottle of soy milk a day. ONE!!! #KillMeNow
8. The 'Raw' Diet
Uncooked foods have less calories - especially since they lack flavor, seasonings, and sauces. SISTAR's Dasom was a fan of this all natural method. And we thought paleo was hard...
9. 1000 Calorie Diet
It seems like a common trend nowadays but honey thighs UEE was known for her limited calorie diet. 1000 calories a day and no more! I wonder how many calories are in french fries...
10. Tofu Diet
Many fans remember the dark days of 2AM's Changmin. The little chubby bunny survived on just two blocks of tofu a day in order to become the godly man he is today.
11. BONUS: Water Diet
While it hasn't been confirmed, allegedly K-Pop group TVXQ only drank water for a week prior to their debut! It was highly criticized by the public. If having no energy and looking like a skeleton means talent, then I'll remain talent-less. Thank you.

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