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Seo In Guk leaves sweet greeting for fans during a road trip in 'Seo In Guk's One Day Before Enlistment'

By beansss   Thursday, March 30, 2017   13,573   1,801   0



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Singer/actor Seo In Guk, who left us for his mandatory military enlistment this past March 28, greeted fans through a special VCR clip, titled 'Seo In Guk's One Day Before Enlistment'!

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The clip, originally revealed during his 2016 year-end concert 'Mint Chocolate', captures Seo In Guk heading off on a road trip as a gift to himself for one day. The filming of the entire clip was 100% Seo In Guk's idea, and he participated in everything from planning, to scripting, props, and more. 

You'll be able to see Seo In Guk show his real side, him finding healing(?) through his past song "Baby U", as well as some heartfelt farewell message for a short while to fans, so spend some time with Seo In Guk above!

He'll return from the military in December of 2018. 

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de_libra Thursday, March 30, 2017

This is too sad.  I feel so bad for the S. Korean idols and male celebrities as a whole. The system is a set-up in that the fans and netizens have so much power over their lives it's ridiculous. He's going away for a long time so he should have been able to comfortably spend his time in the arms of a woman he cared about not making some video to satisfy a bunch of thirsty fans... sorry, just my opinion. I wish him all the best ... stay healthy and come back stronger and better looking than ever. Real fans will be here when you return... just do you boo. Hwaiting<3<3<3

Breezely de_libra Thursday, March 30, 2017

Us as heartrider fan we never expected him to do this kind of favour. Its just him being thankful towards his fans tht support him during these 7 years btw he did this video was last year for his last mint chocolate concert. Fyi he did spent some time with his family before he was enlisted in military for months..hwaiting

withsig de_libra Thursday, March 30, 2017

I don't know about other stars but he did not make this video just to make his fans happy. He made this more for his concert 3 months ago (to play in between songs and to make the concert more lively like his past concert and Fan Meeting, so it's a commom for us to see this kind of video at his concert). And one thing, I am sure he had a good rest for almost 3 months since all his 3 new songs already recorded last year and his MV just scenes cut from his concert. And he also spent last 3 months with friends and family because that what we see from IG's pictures (he looked chubby actually because he could do what he like = eat and playing games). Sometimes we hope he is an idol so we can see him anywhere and take control of him, but in this case we're getting used with "no news" "caveman" Seo In Guk...hahahaha. So 21 months hope will pass very fast .... Fighting for all Heartriders !!!!

nabilah_othman de_libra Thursday, March 30, 2017

As a hardcore heartrider and a real fan, i can assure u, inguk is not tHe kind of person who would hassle to do things he doesnt to wanna do. He barely update his ig coz Thinks its too much work. Eapecially tagging. But when it comes to fans, he always goes to the limit to give us back. Fanmeeting purposely made to be birthday fanmeetings so tht he can spend celebrating his bday with us. Writing songs for the fans is his thing. N yes this video is already more thn 3 months old. We already saw it during the concert since the concert would the last official event hes spending time with fans. So yeh... dont worry.. he has always been himself. Jelly dont pay attention much to him that we fans had to fight for his rights last year. But inguk simply just proceed with wat he does best.... surprising us and thanking us fans where we should be thanking him for watever he done for us. We will wait for u inguk. We will continue run with u n ride till our hearts stops beating. Inguk fighting!

kimmiefonze Thursday, March 30, 2017

I miss his kisses already! :(

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