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Netizens angry at Jellyfish Ent. for putting Kim Se Jung in Gugudan, a 'flopped' group

By yckim124   Friday, March 3, 2017   214,575   7,052   0



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Netizens are not happy about how Jellyfish Entertainment is promoting Kim Se Jung

The idol star gained tremendous popularity and love following her appearance on 'Produce 101', plus her promotions in IOI. In fact, Kim Se Jung can be considered one of the hottest girl group members in Korean entertainment today. 

With this in mind, her fans expected Kim Se Jung to continue on her success and soar up to be a top star. Unfortunately, they believe her label, Jellyfish Entertainment, is doing a poor job in making that possible. 

After IOI's official disbandment, Kim Se Jung has been promoting in the rookie group Gugudan. The girls recently made a comeback with "A Girl Like Me", but the song is not doing so well. Kim Se Jung managed to reach #1 on the charts with her solo track "Flower Road" but failed to achieve similar success with Gugudan's comeback. Currently, many netizens are calling "A Girl Like Me" and the group, "a total flop."

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Many rather believe that Kim Se Jung should've formed a new group with Gugudan members Kim Na Young and Kang Mina, or should've been promoted more as the center of Gugudan. 

Angry at Jellyfish Entertainment's "poor management", netizens commented, "The label sucks at their job. It's so unfortunate. I was looking forward to the Kim Na Young, Kang Mina, and Kim Se Jung trio...", "What I don't understand is that Jellyfish made Se Jung promote in Gugudan but she doesn't really stand out in the group right now. They would've seen better outcomes if they made Se Jung stand out more. You know many tuned into Gugudan to see Se Jung..", "There's no answer for Gugudan", "The label did a terrible job. They should've expanded Se Jung's solo fandom and then made her debut in a group."

What are your thoughts on Jellyfish Entertainment's management of Kim Se Jung? 

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vaporwave Saturday, April 22, 2017

Their music is pretty basic to me. IDK about Koreans though, they have different tastes than Americans. And I dont speak for anyone other myself lol. But seriously, there seems to be a lot of filler girls with no charm/talent/visuals... lol... sorryboutit

Rand_Al_Thor Friday, March 10, 2017

In the pure sense that is true, and i do enjoy the song.  What they can hope for is that with so many big acts out more  eyes get on them for next time.  But honestly Sejung/Mina brought many eyes, it is a cold harsh business. If they cant make money then ouch.  20-30 k album sells will get them another chance.

shineesylvia Monday, March 6, 2017

just found out that kim se jung won 2nd place in produce 101 :0 if she won 2nd place, she should get a lot of attention...

dan_lu Monday, March 6, 2017

I think that way too... Maybe is because of their songs? Not that catchy, and doesn't show the vocal potential of the group

kacichan Monday, March 6, 2017

It's sad because Girl Like Me is such a good song. Maybe Jellyfish shouldn't have rush it with Wonderland because no matter how much I liked the song, the MV and he stage felt like they just wanted to use the IOI fame as much as they could but didn't really know what they were doing. And they should have put Sejeong more to the centre. Basically they should have waited and debuted them with Girl Like Me with Sejeong way more visible in the MV and maybe then Gugudan wouldn't have struggled so much..

saranghae_3 Monday, March 6, 2017

Gugudan has barely can they have flopped already? Plus if she's always in the spotlight netizens will complain too..look at Suzy, Hyorin (previously), etc

periwinkledomo Sunday, March 5, 2017

i think, gugudan was planned before produce 101 happened. so the layout was decided already. hana was gonna be the center and visual. but then the trio got super popular with 101, and they decided to proceed forward with the group anyway. they probably already decided on the concept and roles of each member, so changing it bc of sejeong's newfound popularity would take too much time. and the more time they spent, the more ppl might forget about sejeong. so they went forward with their original plan anyway, bc watever. but it's weird bc sejeong totally doesn't fit this cutesy concept, and in all honesty a lot of the other members of gugudan don't fit the concept either. if u rly listen to them, they can all sing rly well. just bad promotion overall imo

eternalfighter Sunday, March 5, 2017

Either support her or shut up.

minivilly Sunday, March 5, 2017

I have to admit that it's a shame because she is super talented and already had everything ready to rise to the top

iciviuja Sunday, March 5, 2017

yup.. didn't understand it either.. when they first came out i really thought KSJ would be the center at least, and i was perplexed that it didn't happened. and everytime i saw them on tv i only tried to find sejung but when that failed i just simply change the channel.. the other girls do not have enough charm to make me want to keep watching them.. and the songs didn't do much for me either..

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