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[MV & Album Review] BTOB - 'Feel'eM / Movie'

By AllK_Maknae   Sunday, March 12, 2017   33,678   2,187   26



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The beautiful ballad-brewing boys of K-Pop, BTOB, are back once again to bring delight to the stage with their latest track "Movie" off their album 10th mini album 'Feel'eM.' While some may have found the upbeat, new jack swing track thrilling and fun, I felt it was done before and lackluster. 

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While "Movie" showcases an adventurous new sound for BTOB, the MV and song as a whole fell short. "Movie" has an upbeat instrumental, filled with jazzy instruments and blaring sounds, and gives me 2010 nostalgia with the heavily autotuned voices - but there is nothing catchy in particular. Even the smooth and soothing way the boys sing and the power behind the rap was a little dry. Check out the song in the MV below!

The MV and lyrics for "Movie" are just as plain as you'd expect. The MV lacks any real storyline and the whole Joker and Harley Quinn relationship fad is so overly played out. Lyrics like "I'll always be new and manly, so you can have my everything" and "Love is like a movie, I hope to love you just like that" don't fall far from any cliches. The idea is charming but overall I wasn't impressed.

The 'Feel'eM' album isn't as disappointing as their promotional track. The electronic-funk sound of "Just Tell Me" is more attention grabbing, easy on the ears and playful overall. Aside from having a wonderful synthetic instrumental and wicked rap, the song does lack a few powerful pieces (like an addictive refrain) in order to make it worthy of a promotion track, but it is a lot more upbeat and exciting than "Movie." It is a great opening track that sets the mood for the album concept.

"About Time" is another autotuned track that utilizes a more mid-tempo beat, steady clapping, and livelier vocals. This synthetic ballad is very appealing and is another reason why "Movie" should have been a side track. "About Time" is very easy to get into and contains a lot of angelic vocals and creates a soothing atmosphere for anyone who listens.

"Rock N Hiphop" is a real game changer as it will completely throw you off as the boys flip the switch on their concept. This song is well-crafted and contains every element to make you addicted and keep this song on repeat. 

The beat is fast yet calm, the vocals are steady and clear and it contains a lot of English lyrics which make it easier for international fans to sing along to. "Rock N Hiphop" shockingly has a heavy dose of swag that cannot go unnoticed and showcased a new side of BTOB that I would love to see more of.

Towards the end of the album, BTOB return to their original ballad sound in "Someday." As expected the ballad is well done and familiar, making it easy for new and old fans to enjoy their perfect vocal ranges. "Someday" is heavenly as it utilizes a lot of violins, silence in between the bridge and refrain and has minimal distractions in the instrumental. Overall, it is a great balled to conclude the album with.

In the end, I appreciate BTOB's new approach to music. They showcased a lot of variety, explored their musical identity and created a nice album. However, their promotion track "Movie" was a real miss and will (unfortunately) do poorly for the group. Their other tracks offer so much more potential and power that I hope they plan out their next comeback more thoroughly next time.


MV Relevance..........6
MV Production.........7
MV Concept.............6
Album Production....7
Album Concept........8

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Anthojay Monday, March 20, 2017

anti fangirl spotted

R_Melody Saturday, March 18, 2017

I don't understand how allkpop works. is it such a personal blog? because this article is very subjective.

sheillalaa Wednesday, March 15, 2017


pinkypinkyapink Monday, March 13, 2017

HAHAHA go listen ur stupid bias group since you can't understand about real music....

shubhajan Monday, March 13, 2017

cool! i love the album!

Alex_Alvez Monday, March 13, 2017

Wow, I actually clicked on this thinking you appreciated the efforts BTOB placed in their album (minus the help of paid producers/writers/composers) but I got out sad. Thanks for your opinion but we'll stick to ours, opinions differ anyway. :)

xhaydn Sunday, March 12, 2017

am i the only one who appreciates the fact that their album is called "feel 'em" which sounds like "film" (fill-um) in korean. LOL i enjoyed all the songs in the album, which is a first. srsly, their vocals + rap + producing are on POINT. hate seeing their talent get unnoticed :/ hope they win first! ^^

areteniera Sunday, March 12, 2017

click bait akp?well im sure the writer is a fan of other group that is why she/he talk trash about others.they will do poorly?you never explore btob and just saying trash about them..who are you to judge?they have the best record this time and you said that they have plain lyrics?you can dislike them but don't being rude..btw the song that you say going to do poorly is charting so well #1 still hanging there..and their album sold 50,594 for just the first week..

marshmello_123 Sunday, March 12, 2017

BTOB be serving quality music, with some of the best vocals in my opinion! They also have great personalities! :3

neomeldoe Sunday, March 12, 2017

okay but seriously, im aware that this article is only an opinion and i cant blame you if their music doesnt suit you or anything. I can accept everything except your words about "movie was a real miss and will (unfortunately) do poorly for the group". That sentence really gave a ????? to me. I mean how can you judge whether the song will do good or not for a group? who are you? you've seen the future? it's been a week since the song released and don't you see how well the song on the music chart right now? This song you called "plain" has never step out from top20 on Melon and reach #1 a bunch of times for your information. BTOB also made their own new records whether in digital and physical albums and that means this song is nowhere to bring down btob at all. And another thing, if you wanna make a review of an album, at least don't just write your subjective opinion but also try to write some facts of the album like who composed the songs, who write the lyrics, what kind of concept is the album and so on. FYI again, out of 5 songs in the album 4 of them are composed by BTOB members: Hyunsik (Just Tell Me, Someday); Minhyuk (About Time); and Ilhoon (Movie). Yes this "plain" title track composed by the member itself and you have to know how this song means so much for btob. So basically i feel like reading this article is just an insult towards Ilhoon and for the Nth time i'm so disappointed in you allkpop

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