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[Drama Review] 'Goblin' - Episode 10

By AllK_Maknae   Thursday, January 5, 2017   30,472   4,497   2



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'Goblin' stopped teasing and finally took a step forward (er, backwards) into the past and let us learn more about not only Kim Shin (Gong Yoo)'s past but also the links connecting the Reaper (Lee Dong Wook) and Sunny (Yoo In Na). Learning about the past wasn't easy but it certainly was fun.

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They say curiosity killed the cat but knowing is what brought him back to life again - and finally learning more about the past brought the plot back to life! It seems the royal family was poisoned and only the King's son survived. 

The King's advisor was completely corrupt and hellbent on taking over the nation through the new King by raising him from birth. Although Kim Shin was a hero to the people, he was seen as someone trying to overthrow the King. This act of "treason" was enough to sentence him to death. 

Aside from his death, we finally learn more about his sister (whom I thought was his lover for the longest)! It appears his sister was arranged to wed the King but the wicked advisor successfully removed the wrench in his plan and convinced the King that her family was worthless and trying to overpower him as well. 

I'm happy that Kim Shin was seen getting his revenge in earlier episodes or I'd be having a fit by now wondering why no one chopped this evil advisor's head off yet!

Anyway, it is not yet set in stone just yet, but the drama is hinting at the possibility that the Reaper is the King's reincarnate. I do enjoy this but I wonder why there isn't some sort of past resentment or grudge that lies within the Reaper towards Kim Shin. Perhaps, as a Reaper, his memories are erased since he only lived to work these past 300 years.

I will say, the bromance between them is becoming quirkier but I sense that their past will create a devastating conflict and somehow affect Ji Eun Tak (Kim Go Eun). Speaking of romance - episode 10 didn't beat around the bush in finally stirring up some love between these wonderful relationships.

As expected, the drama is more entertaining because the Reaper and Sunny are getting way more screen time. It isn't just about the Goblin and the Goblin's Bride anymore - which got boring quite fast, in my opinion.

I just didn't understand Yoo In Na's character at one point. Although she's always been a strange woman, I found her behavior towards the Reaper quite odd when she suddenly expressed that "Even if we meet by coincidence, don't say 'hi' to me" because she technically dumped him. Everything was going perfectly, humorously and romantically that I wonder if she is still trying to play hard to get or if her feelings really got hurt. Women are interesting creatures.

Still, Kim Shin seems to be getting more romantic as time goes by. Despite him and Ji Eun Tak knowing his death may be imminent, they continue to live happily and I enjoy watching their relationship continue to unfold blissfully. 

Their cute date over soju which lead to a real, romantic kiss made me melt in my seat! I am just happy he finally lived up to his title of being a boyfriend and kissed her so deeply - in comparison to them having no chemistry and him simply shouting he was her boyfriend every now and again.

These romantic scenes did serve a purpose this time around. 'Goblin' is doing an excellent job of keeping us on our toes and not thinking of only one time period. Towards the end, the drama takes a step towards the future as it shows Ji Eun Tak 10 years later in Canada wearing a peculiar necklace on her date with that mysterious man. Turns out Kim Shin is the one who buys it for her as he heads to Canada on a whim and purchases the cute gift.

Upon his return, though, he learns that Deok Hwa's grandfather is dying and his time is near. Once again, we learn another beautiful lesson about life as the Grim Reaper states to Kim Shin, "Shouldn't you tell Deok Hwa, so he has no regrets?" and Kim Shin replies, "There is always regret after death." Deep. Whether it be through ghosts and spirits or actual humans, 'Goblin' doesn't shy away from reminding us how much we should value life.

I loved the deep story that the spirit Jung Hyun had hidden all along! Turns out Jung Hyun was friends with Ji Eun Tak's mom since high school and had been hiding her bank books all this time so she could give them to Ji Eun Tak in order to go to college.

I love how emotional Kim Go Eun becomes in this scene because it is very genuine and outstanding. From the way she whispers "Thank you" to her sudden reluctance to see Jung Hyun go, this moment really stirs up viewers' emotions quite nicely. The drama does an excellent job of giving the ghosts a purpose and great backstory to match that I'm beginning to realize the ghosts Ji Eun Tak encounters aren't here just for show.

Overall, 'Goblin' developed into a brilliant drama so far. I would like to continue seeing more unique interactions between Ji Eun Tak and the spirits. Perhaps one of them can reveal something unique regarding the Goblin so she won't have to hide and eavesdrop again.

Like everyone else watching, I am also hoping Sunny has a change of heart and meets with the Grim Reaper again. The best relationship is by far theirs and it keeps our attention more than the leads'.

In regards to both Kim Shin and the Grim Reaper, I want to see a little more dynamic regarding their powers. Aside from teleporting, I want to see the Grim Reaper's skill to see into the past put to more use.

Now that Ji Eun Tak is preparing for college, unless she encounters some new spirits in Seoul, I don't want to hear a thing about her school days. I'm more interested in the danger happening around her that the deities warned Kim Shin about. Until episode 11, we can simply enjoy the romantic kiss we only waited 10 episodes for!




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sun3sun Thursday, January 5, 2017

That King advisor annoyed the f out of me. I just want to punch him.

trboo Thursday, January 5, 2017

Just saw Kim Go Eun's summer episode of Happy Together and now she's officially my k-drama actress bias under 30. Goblin has so many of my biases in it it's ridiculous. Yoo In Na has been my favorite sec

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