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Posted by yckim124639 pts Friday, January 27, 2017

5 Different ways idols react to hate

1. 5 Different ways of how idols react to hate
Being a K-Pop star means lots of love but also lots of hate. Here are various ways idol stars deal with hate against them.
2. Type 1: Fight Back (like Girls' Generation's Taeyeon)
These idols fight against hate. Most recently, Girls' Generation's Taeyeon left responses under some hate comments. One netizen wrote, "Just continue doing what you're doing quietly. Do you think anyone is interested in your flop? You seem to be forcing it in many ways", and Taeyeon responded, "And that's not referring to yourself?" To comments targeting her looks, Taeyeon said, "Yep, Look in the mirror."
3. Type 1: Fight Back (like EXO's Chanyeol)
Chanyeol also replied with a long rebuttal, saying, "There were many people who wanted to hear my songs so I sang really diligently and uploaded my work but to the people who say this is a 'Lovestagram' and whatnot, just how messed up are you to think that way. I'm just living doing what I want to do so if you can't stand the sight of that then don't visit my Instagram. Stop following me and mind your own work. While I'm at it, about following Taeyeon, people said she appeared in the clip so I wanted to hear for myself and I pressed 'like' by accident but I thought it might look weird if I just pressed 'like' so that's why I also followed [her] but because you all kept complaining, I unfollowed her. I erased the question mark because I felt like I was dirtying my Instagram and I didn't go to the Seoul Jazz Festival with her; I just met her there. I took down 'Melody for You' because I wasn't satisfied with it and intended to re-upload it later and I don't have a private account so please stop confusing my fans with all these rumors and just do what you have to do. I'll be cheering you on. Don't visit my Instagram anymore. I don't care whether social media is a waste of your life or whatever because it's my own way of communicating with people joyfully."
4. Type 1: Fight Back (like Big Bang's T.O.P)
Simple yet clear. T.O.P addressed a hater with, "^-^??"
5. Type 2: Get Upset (like UP10TION's Wooshin)
Some idols are more sensitive when it comes to hate, especially if they're a rookie. They're humans too, and it hurts to get hurt. After his sexual harassment controversy involving Jeon So Mi, UP10TION's Wooshin was bashed with criticism. The hate even took over UP10TION's Naver 'V' app live broadcast and comments targeted Wooshin, stating, "Not even famous", "Just go die", "Sexual harassment idol", and more. Ultimately, Wooshin couldn't hide his feelings and looked depressed throughout the live broadcast.
6. Type 2: Get Upset (TWICE's Jihyo)
Jihyo also couldn't hide her feelings when fans made fun of her "muscular" physique and shouted out that she would be perfect for weightlifting. Startled and upset by fans' hurtful comments, Jihyo pouted and turned her body toward Jungyeon, hiding her face from the audience.
7. Type 3: Cry (GOT7's Youngjae)
Hate hurts to the point of shedding tears. During 'Mask King', GOT7's Youngjae revealed that even one malicious comment worries him and confessed he burst into tears after reading them.
8. Type 3: Cry (SISTAR's Soyu)
Another idol who reacts to hate with tears is SISTAR's Soyu. On 'A Hyung I Know', Soyu revealed that she reads each and every comment, good or bad, and cries her eyes out in an attempt to overcome the hate.
9. Type 4: Whatever (Girls' Generation's Sunny)
Unlike those who get upset and depressed by hate, some idols don't give a f***. During 'Talk to You', Girls' Generation's Sunny shared that she used to get shocked by hateful comments, but no longer cares about them because she'll live anyway.
10. Type 4: Whatever (AOA's Seolhyun)
AOA's Seolhyun is another idol who reacts coolly to hate. On 'Radio Star', Seolhyun said she actually searches up comments about her, and even though some of them bother her, she doesn't let the hate hurt her feelings.
11. Type 5: Take Legal Action
Sometimes hate goes way too far and beyond what's acceptable, and they need to be treated with legal actions. Many artists such as IU, BTS, CNBLUE, and their labels took strong legal action against malicious commenters. Often times, the haters ares then left with hefty fines and penalties.

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Remembering the victims of malicious comments, both those who are seen publicly and those who are suffering in silence, let’s not wait for laws to be made or others to take action. Let’s become the people who create the positive environment on the internet.

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