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Jiyoon addresses rumors about former 4minute members' bad relationship

By yckim124   Tuesday, November 1, 2016   82,982   4,326   0



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Jiyoon opened up about 4minute, the group's former members, and more to Ten Asia

First, she revealed that she still keeps in contact with her former 4minute members, saying, "The members helped me a lot in preparing my album. Whenever I expressed concern, they gave me practical advice. They knew what I need to do when I ran into trouble since we've promoted together in the past."

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Jiyoon also claimed that their relationship improved after the group's disbandment. She explained, "We went through a tough time together. Our relationship became stronger. We had to tightly come together, and we also became closer while sharing our pain."

As for the many rumors about the group, Jiyoon said, "It's frustrating. We heard about ourselves through the news, and we couldn't explain everything. It was upsetting. We wanted to tell everything, but people just assumed things, and that was upsetting." She continued, "We wanted to say that our members are doing well, but rather than speaking, I think it'll be better for us to show through music or promotions." 

Meanwhile, Jiyoon is making her debut with 'Day AND Night' and title track "I am the Sun".

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lymli_queen Tuesday, March 21, 2017

please, a group of women, of course there's discord

federick Wednesday, November 2, 2016

i hope they followed Beast's footsteps

iMidnight_Yoshid Tuesday, November 1, 2016

They could've unfollowed her on social media to create publicity for HyunA's comeback. Cube didn't even let them talk about the disbandment, so creating press could be within their reach. Jiyoon said we should stop assuming the worst. I just going to trust her on it.

Cherry_Peche Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Hmm...sorta get the feeling that she was avoiding Hyuna and meant the other members?

krell Cherry_Peche Tuesday, November 1, 2016

That HYUNA is still with CUBE Agency, *probably* means that the other 4MINUTE members are leaving her alone pretty much for now. MAYBE after some time has passed, that might change. And probably that depends on HYUNA's role in 4MINUTE Group dissolving. Which, DIFFICULT to know that for now, and maybe for a LONG time from now too.

krell Tuesday, November 1, 2016


4Nia_Love Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Best K-Pop group ever <3

pink_oracle Tuesday, November 1, 2016

I can't comment on how former 4Minute members feel about HyunA as a person, but I know for a fact they're unhappy about the way her career was pushed so much harder than the groups interests.

krell pink_oracle Tuesday, November 1, 2016

When 4MINUTE Group was formed, it was fairly CLEAR at the time that HYUNA was the 'BIG FISH' to 'anchor' the Group. I am merely noting that this 'biased' situation towards HYUNA should NOT have come as completely unexpected. But I can see that over time, the *other* members of 4MINUTE Group would HOPE that 'matters' became a bit more 'even handed' between the members. Which, that did not much happen. But, look at SUZY and 'MISS A' Group. Which, one can argue that there is quite a bit of similarity there too (my view). SEOLHYUN in AOA Group also comes to mind as a 'biased' type situation. ALL the Group members of a given K-pop Group dream to be the 'BIG FISH' of the Group. But it seems to only happen for ONE of them mostly.

Squattingpanda Tuesday, November 1, 2016

yeah. so now can everyone please shut up about all that bad blood crap. its like everyone all of a sudden doubted their bond, especially with hyuna, because of the break up. they are all still strong friends...sisters. thats not gonna go away. anyway, im so glad that they are all doing well and working on their own thing. i wish the best for all our girls and will always support them all~

Kujia Squattingpanda Tuesday, November 1, 2016

fact still remains that everyone unfollowed Hyuna on instagram all at the same time more or less, and no one has ever said anything about why that is, if they r so close. I hope it's just a weird misshap, but it would be nice to atleast get an explanation of it.

iisstf28 Squattingpanda Tuesday, November 1, 2016

If you read the whole interview, she mentions the members but not Hyuna, Hyuna once said in "if I were them I will hate me TOO"... I think that she meant that the four of them are good...

krell iisstf28 Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Yes, I tend to AGREE with you that it is like 95% certain that JIYOON was referring to being 'close' with those past members of 4MINUTE *not* currently associated with CUBE Agency (so NOT HYUNA). Which, that should NOT be surprising either. And it does NOT prove that HYUNA did somehow 'back stab' other 4MINUTE Group members in any way either. I would argue that it is MORE likely that CUBE AGENCY did 'push the idea' that HYUNA and CUBE AGENCY were 'better off' with HYUNA as a SOLO ACT. And also, JIYOON said words that SEEMED to suggest that there was like about 6 MONTHS prior to 4MINUTE disbanding, where *all* 4MINUTE members were discussing their situation as to continuing 4MINUTE Group or not. Which, it was NOT an 'out of nowhere' situation for the members, that 4MINUTE Group did dissolve, is what I mean to say it. Again, a 7 YEARS LONG RUN for 4MINUTE Group is NOT so bad overall. HOPEFULLY, the BANK ACCOUNTS of the ex-4MINUTE members do REFLECT that too.

Squattingpanda Kujia Monday, November 7, 2016

im pretty sure thats just because they disbanded and didn't want to mislead any fans about getting back together...and honestly there could be many other possiblities.

Squattingpanda iisstf28 Monday, November 7, 2016

ok i do see your point there, and i DID read the whole article, but idk man. i just feel like even with big matters like a disbandment, friendship doesn't just go away. maybe they aren't as close as before but i think they'd still support one another. i wouldn't go as far as saying they hate one another.

JM999 Tuesday, November 1, 2016

The friendship between them was very clear to me, I'll miss 4minute =\

krell JM999 Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Yes, I think that HYUNA did ENJOY to perform in 4MINUTE Group. And she liked well personally the other members of the 4MINUTE Group. However, to keep the 4MINUTE Group going, might have required a *sizable* FINANCIAL SACRIFICE (so LESS MONEY) for HYUNA. Which, can you put a 'DOLLAR VALUE' on friendship? My answer, is that, in this situation, somewhat, YOU CAN. K-pop Fans do NOT really know the FINANCES of the decision that caused 4MINUTE Group to end. But, I have to say, that it SEEMS like there *should* have been a 'pathway' to keep 4MINUTE Group going somehow. But also, maybe the COMPROMISES that CUBE Agency wanted from 'those members NOT named HYUNA' were TOO GREAT too. HYUNA had the SOLO options going for her (and TROUBLE MAKER duo), and the other 4MINUTE members did NOT have that. And likely, CUBE Agency was NOT looking to try to create SOLO options for anyone else other than HYUNA either. The 2YOON duo Group (4MINUTE sub unit) did NOT 'catch fire' in popularity exactly. So, CUBE Agency looks at it as 'wasting money' on that which is NOT contributing to their CUBE AGENCY PROFITS (my view).

JM999 krell Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Yes, I think It was a money issue the main problem to keep 4minute together.....but still weird, they were one of the biggest grups in CUBE right? I think there is the money probem too, but also I think it was the girls desision too. =\

krell JM999 Tuesday, November 1, 2016

IDEALLY, you want your Female K-pop Group to be TWICE Group in AGES of the members. Which, 4MINUTE Group was 7 YEARS beyond that, in terms of AGES of the members. Which, that is yet ANOTHER consideration. Was 4MINUTE *ever* going to have that BIG HIT that lifted them up to say more the level of GIRL's DAY or EXID Groups? Sadly, 4MINUTE was more like 'treading water' at the same level, over and over.

JM999 krell Tuesday, November 1, 2016

I understend that, but remember when they win #1 with "Whatcha Doin Today" over SNSD and 2NE1 XD, that was epic for them!!! I don't know how big they were in Korea, but they definitely had a more mature image, which i prefere ( I really don't like cute concepts like Twice or Gfriend), but I think koreans prefer more innocent girly stuff, and "Hate", the last cameback, was very strong and aggressive, in a good way, but in Korea didn't succeed....=\.

krell JM999 Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Some have stated the viewpoint here on AKP that 4MINUTE Group *should* have been 'targeted' more at OTHER ASIAN NATIONS (say JAPAN, PRChina, etc) than CUBE Agency did it. As you say, the S.KOREANS tend to go with the TWICE Group type concepts as more popular. Which, AGE wise, 4MINUTE Group was NOT that after awhile. Anyway, you make some GOOD points in my view.

LolaJayTorres Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Im a 4ina since forever, they were my first girl group ever and they will always be, but its really sad that everyone is hating on what you do, like honestly does your parents hate you for being a troll online ? So everyone just shut the fuck up and let the girls do what they want, support them or go to hell please. 4MINUTE FIGHTING FOREVERJIYOON , GAYOON , HYUNA , SOHYUN , JIHYUNFOREVER 5

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