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BTS and MBC lash out at Korea's current political scandal?

By jennywill   Saturday, October 29, 2016   219,031   20,560   0



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Fans know that BTS has long protested societal injustices in their songs, and this time, they might have had support.

On the 29th's episode of MBC's 'Show! Music Core', a peculiar thing happened: BTS performed not just their title song, but also "Am I Wrong". It's very, very rare that an artist performs more than just their title song when it's not their comeback (or sometimes goodbye) stage. However, the boys performed "Am I Wrong", their song that urges listeners to think about how crazy the world is.

The entire song is a criticism of society, with lyrics such as "If you don't feel anything when watching the news, if you don't feel anything at those comments, if you don't feel anything at that hate, it's abnormal that you're normal." Fans are speculating that this is not just BTS' comment at the current political situation in Korea, but also MBC's commentary as they're the ones who probably suggested - at the very least allowed - BTS to perform the song outside of their comeback week.

Korea's president Park Geun Hye has had a rather eventful presidency. However, this latest scandal where she admitted to the relationship between her and a cult leader is her biggest yet, with her approval rating down to 14% when it was revealed that Park Geun Hye was receiving political advice from a religious cult. (You can read more about it here.) Since the scandal, the president has called for a mass resignation of all 10 of her senior aids, and Korea has gone on a large protest demanding her to give up the presidency.

What do you think? Is this really a commentary toward politics, or just a coincidence?
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Pristiwunie Wednesday, November 2, 2016

I'll agree with allkpop on this article. You guys may say allkpop reading into it too much isn't this just general lyrics to the world not to politics. There's a reason why allkpop think they may point this towards SK politics, as some of the lyrics seems like a response to one of the horrible statement by a SK politician. "We are cats and dogs" smh I think that's the lyrics, also Hobi's part "Mayday Mayday". But aside that, this also can applied to the world, as Suga said, interpret it any way you want.

Pristiwunie Wednesday, November 2, 2016

SK head of the Education Ministry's policy bureau "We need to consider the public as dogs and pigs and they just need to be simply fed and kept alive." A statement that bring rage to netizen, and you cn agree tht the song seems like a sarcasm response to tht.

Pristiwunie Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Lol I mistype it as cat and dogs lmao.

aceisphat Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Proud of the boys for writing and singing lyrics that talk about real problems in the real world. It's a good break away from songs that talk about romance. That's real hip hop.

saranghae_3 Monday, October 31, 2016

We don't know, but it wouldn't be the first time

wWOW Sunday, October 30, 2016

Looking at the comments I wonder, is it wrong to stand up sociopolitical injustices? I APPLAUD my boys for potentially taking a stance on the matter. YASSS boys #SocialJusticeRocks

ellekay Sunday, October 30, 2016

We might never know for sure who was behind this performance, but I do have to agree with fan speculations and Allkpop (for once), that a lot of coincidences do line up here. And knowing BTS, they wouldn't shy away from using a song to send a message or take a political stand. But what matters most to me here is them being able to use this performance to voice political or societal critiques. They've always done this through their music but what's different here is that they're doing this on national television, in the midst of an ongoing public issue, with the backing of a broadcast company, for the first time. It just seems like such an important accomplishment to me, even more so than a few youtube records. I mean, yes, those are great but this- this is the height of musicianship. How many other kpop groups can you name who have done this or are capable of doing something like this with their music? I'm glad to be able to say that BTS is seriously changing the kpop game into something really meaningful with their growing recognition and influence, albeit slowly and even subtly, but this is a direction that all of us, fan or not, should be proud about.

sejung_wang Sunday, October 30, 2016

Is it due to fans own insecurity that they're inclined to think it's not a diss against political situation ? What if they did. Is that wrong. or is it courageful and meaningful to do that instead of acting like typical manufactured idols that sings on boy boy girl girl stuff all the time ? In every song, every artist put things in subtle ways but most of the time, savvy people can immediately recognize to whom or what it's being addressed to. What's really lame is that, allkpop began the first sentence with a positive connotation on BTS (protesting on societal justice) , and yet these stupid fans (no other words) again took on bashing allkpop based on their own misinterpretation on everything.

justharry Sunday, October 30, 2016

LOL can't believe I'm going to defend AllKPop, but they're not "reading too much into it", like some of you claim. There was an actual article trending on Pann about this two days ago. The situation in SK is pretty delicate right now and the whole country is following this scandal, so BTS knew what the public might understand from the lyrics (which were, indeed, written as a social critic, as you'd know if you read proper translation). This is something good, guys. Not only is BTS getting positive attention from outside the fandom, they're doing based of their amazing lyrics.

fairytaeil Sunday, October 30, 2016

why are u so determined to read in to things? are u thAt desperate to condemn bts that performing a song becomes making a political statement??? jesus

Chevap fairytaeil Sunday, October 30, 2016

How about you try articulating your thoughts into coherent sentences. Stop and read the article again. It has actually been a nation wide thing, what happened with Koreas president, so it really is no wonder that MBC would allow BTS to perform the song Am I Wrong, be it at their wish or the broadcasting stations'. The fact remains that this song is a very mild one and I don't see BTS getting any hate for it so take a chill pill, sit back and relax, because they are grown men and can make their own decisions. As a fellow Army I have complete trust into them to admit and own up to their mistakes, as this was not one, no matter what Allkpop is trying to make of it, it will not blow out. Let's face Allkpop is honestly the worst of the yellow pages in gossip magazines that people piss on.

fairytaeil Chevap Wednesday, November 2, 2016

why are you even acting like im attacking anyone lmao im just wondering why people care so much about a song performed on tv. why don't yOU calm your fucking ass and re-read what i wrote???? was my comment rly not coherent to you?? educate yourself on the english language if i was rly that hard to understand sweaty (((: did i ever say the controversy wasn't nation-wide?? did i ever criticise bts for what songs they performed?? i agree with you 100% on what you say about allkpop, but the rest of your comment has nothing to do with what i've said so can u explain yourself

Humanoids Sunday, October 30, 2016

that bitch

El_Bartolina Sunday, October 30, 2016

They performed this song before, like in the begginning of their promotions

Pristiwunie El_Bartolina Wednesday, November 2, 2016

This on is their 3rd promotion week, not a comeback week. The one they perform before is in comeback week. It's indeed rare.

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