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[Album & MV Review] Nine Muses A - 'Muses Diary'

By jubilantj   Friday, August 12, 2016   11,166   1,730   4



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Nine Muses A - 'Muses Diary'

Track List: 

1. Your Space

2. Lip 2 Lip

3. Shh!

4. Monster

5. Lip 2 Lip (Inst.) 

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Nine Muses joined the fad of K-Pop group sub-units, forming their own four-member sub-unit called Nine Muses A. It's not for certain what the 'A' stands for, but at least the name is easy enough to remember. 

Nine Muses A consists of four out of six Nine Muses members, including Kyung Li, Hyemi, Keumjo, and Sojin. Unsurprisingly, the sub-unit is formed by the main vocalists/vocalists of the group to showcase the girls' vocal prowess. 

The album starts out with a dramatic-sounding opener titled "Your Space," an instrumental that is the build up to the title track "Lip2Lip." "Lip2Lip" is an easy, lighthearted dance pop track featuring a sassy, upbeat guitar-based melody. Though the vocals didn't leave that big of an impression, and the breathy, high-pitched style of singing grew a tad grating to the ears, it wasn't entirely intolerable - props to the member who belted the high note ad-libs at the end.

"Shh!" is, in my humble opinion, the true gem in the album. The track starts off with a siren blaring, military drum cadence, and symphonic-style synths that remain subdued in the background. That is, until the chorus kicks in fully, springing into an incredibly catchy, uptempo refrain that will automatically make your head bop and go, "Aw yeah, that's the stuff!" It's a classic K-Pop style track, overwrought with dramatic instrumentals, a glitzy chorus, and of course, a memorable hook. I think I'll even declare "Shh!" my personal favorite off the album! 

The uptempo beats come to a screeching halt with "Monster," where they take it down a bit. "Monster" deserves more praise as well, and I think it could have served just as well as the title track rather than the rather basic "Lip 2 Lip." Though the girls get less vocal range than in "Shh!" the song's delicate, wispy harmonizations is a gentle lull to the ears, providing for an overall pleasant listen. 

MV review

To be perfectly blunt, there was nothing special about this MV. The girls look sexy and all, and I like the neon color schemes, costumes, the always on-point makeup, the cute sets and props; unfortunately, there isn't much going on. It's a pretty typical Korean MV, featuring the banal, run-of-the-mill plot of growing feelings for a guy who (big surprise) turned out to be two-timing. And the song is just okay, especially for a title track, so all in all, Nine Muses A's debut track was a bit of a letdown. I highly recommend the other two tracks on the album, however. They are worth more of a listen, and don't get tiring as fast as the generic effort of a debut/title song that was "Lip 2 Lip." 


MV Relevance.........7
MV Production........7
MV Concept.............6

Album Production...8
Album Concept........7


  1. Hyemi
  2. Hyemi
  3. Kyung Li
  4. Sojin
  5. Keumjo
  6. Nine Muses A
  7. muses-diary

jinpnk Friday, August 12, 2016

i am in love with this album. im not surprised how much i love it cause i do  love nine muses ALOT.

heyitsmejoshyb Friday, August 12, 2016

The Score should have been higher. It's rare for me to like almost all the songs in a mini album/album and I must say, this album of 9MUSES A is Gold. I like all of the songs and haven't deleted any single song in the album on my playlist. The Album should be at least 9 and not 7 imo. :3

jrla Friday, August 12, 2016

The A is for Amuse, the note was done by Keumjo and I'm not expecting a music expert but that review could've been done better by my grandma

bluedrex Friday, August 12, 2016

i felt the same thing at first about "lip 2 lip", but i don't know why.. after a few more listens i started to enjoy it. i keep wondering why they even debuted a sub-unit. there's just moon hyuna and sungah around, it could have easily been a comeback for them as a whole group? although it wouldn't have been as great as "hurt locker" for example even with all of the girls.

The End




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