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Euaerin and Minha officially graduate from Nine Muses

By yckim124   Tuesday, June 7, 2016   89,155   6,879   0



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On June 7, Star Empire officially announced the departure of Euaerin and Minha from Nine Muses

Star Empire stated, "Euaerin and Minha's contracts has been terminated, therefore, they will officially graduate from Nine Muses." The remaining members also shared, "This decision was very difficult for all the members of Nine Muses. We have worked restlessly throughout these past 7 years with Euaerin and Minha. We understand their positions, and have decided to respect their choices." 

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In addition to the official announcements, Euaerin and Minha shared handwritten letters for their fans. Euaerin wrote, "There is great sadness as there were a lot of happy moments with Nine Muses, and I am also scared to think about separating with the members. However, I know my dongsengs have great potential. I want step aside and cheer on for them."

Minha also wrote, "A lot of thoughts ran in my mind following the termination of my contract with Star Empire, and after thorough discussion, I decided to walk a new path. I will study more and greet you guys as a newly improved person." 

Best of luck for your future paths, Euaerin and Minha!

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heyitsmejoshyb Saturday, June 18, 2016

What the Hell? Why do I get the feeling that 9Muses is over after so many changes in the group? I want them to stay together and win trophies. After Hyemi, Kyungri and HyunA would leave 9Muses, I guess that's it. It's over for them. They already lost their great rapper and their visual actress when it comes to MVs. :( I'm already sad about Sera and now this? Star Empire CEO and some of their staff is really bad. So angry!

jay_t Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Not really a fan of Nine Muses, I just like 2 of their songs. But Euaerin & Minha are two out of the four member that really caught my eyes on Nine Muses besides Kyungri and Hyuna. Their CEO is a straight up crap, just wondering if they need to have a graduation system for the CEO also.

shizun Monday, June 13, 2016

I have to pack and go to Korea as fast as possible. Gotta see the groups that are still together now! Who knows in a few days what other news will drop.

triniblossom Thursday, June 9, 2016


MsJin Thursday, June 9, 2016

T.T I will miss them so much...

brianz Wednesday, June 8, 2016

I guess Time's Up for Euaerin and Minha. OMG hoooooow T-T My heart is locked, oh no bye love, now I'm gonna have Sleepless Nights since there has been way too much Drama  in 2016. Looks like the Rumor was true that they would leave since Minha changed her Instagram from minha_9m to blossomh and Euaerin removed 9Muses from her bio on instagram. All this News is making me go Wild. This is such a tragedy To. Mine. I just wish someone would take Action and do something so that Hyemi doesn't leave. Ugh MR. FUCKIN CEO, 9MUSES ARE Living Persons ALSO SO TREAT THEM LIKE THEY ARE. 9Muses is slowly gonna Trickle apart...There will never be Someone Like You Euaerin and Minha.

MK_Zi Wednesday, June 8, 2016

noo not euaerin....i always look forward to her parts in MVs or varierty shows...she is the one who got me hooked to nine muses

nurel4 Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Why does this feel like this is a wrap for Nine Muses altogether?

Kurotaka Wednesday, June 8, 2016

This is no graduation. They should be getting personal concerts for a graduation. This is just dropping a bomb and disappearing. There was no warning at all...just like with Sera... Ugh I'm so sorry for venting here I'm quite upset by everything... (almost drove to work without my glasses this morning and I am quite literally blind without them)

northstars Wednesday, June 8, 2016

More like a sudden and unexpected death in the family than a graduation.

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