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How many CF deals does Girl's Day's Hyeri have?


Girl's Day's Hyeri was already super popular before the hit series 'Reply 1988', but after the show, she's gotten even more popular.

Her star power has been proven with the number of endorsement deals she has. So just how many CF deals does Hyeri have? Including the ones with Girl's Day, she has a total of 28!

On top of that, she's actually not able to take on any more CFs. It's been reported that she doesn't have the time to film more. As soon as the drama filming for 'Reply 1988' ends, (which is on January 14), she'll begin filming her new CFs.

Some of her solo endorsements include 'Ghana Chocolate', 'Albamon', a part-time job finding site, her 7-11 'Hyeri Dosirak' and more.

A CF rep stated, "Through her appearance on MBC's 'Real Men', she dominated CFs with her aegyo, and now through 'Reply 1988' with her delightfully easygoing image, she's 'winning victory after victory' in the advertising world."

We're sad that 'Reply 1988' is already coming to an end (there's only 2 episodes left!) but we're also excited to see Hyeri's upcoming CFs!

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