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'My Sweet Orange Tree' publisher also has a problem with IU's interpretation of 'Zeze'


IU is definitely in some hot water now. While some fans continued to defend the singer regarding her portrayal of the character Zeze from 'My Sweet Orange Tree' in her song of the same name, the company that publishes the book, Dongnyok Publishing Company, relayed their dismay on November 5 regarding her "misinterpretation" of the story.

Dongnyok wrote on Facebook under the title, "Miss IU. Zeze is not that kind of child." The parts of the lyrics they had a problem with go,"Zeze, quickly come up the tree, put your lips on the leaf / you should not play around, you should not hurt the tree / quickly come up the tree and, from here, take the youngest leaf / You're very innocent, but also cunning for sure / even though you are easy to see through like a young child, you are dirty somewhere / you can never tell what lives within that."

Dongnyok wrote, "Zeze is a five-year-old child who gets abused by his family and is full of hurt. So many readers shed tears at Zeze's words, 'Why must children grow up?' However, Zeze is cunning in the song made from the point of [the tree]? 'My Sweet Orange Tree' is also an autobiographical novel of the writer. It is also a book that is meant to console the many Zezes who could even now be getting hurt. The writer had an intention [to console other Zezes] yet you assess the work like this.

"Of course there is freedom to write and interpret how you want. However, it is extremely unfortunate that you've used five-year-old Zeze as a sexual object when he is carrying pain from abuse. Freedom of expression is something that can happen if the public can sympathize with it. To put Zeze in a fishnet stocking and make him pose as a pin-up girl. A pin-up girl has multiple elements of extreme commercialization and sexualization.

"Also, Zeze's double personality of being both innocent and showing a lot of severe behavior shows up because of his defiance following his severe abuse and his lack of affection in the end. Meaning that this was not formed by nature but was acquired mainly because of his abuse. As a result, we deem it a wrongful interpretation to call Zeze cruel and sly."

Meanwhile, IU's side continues to be silent on the matter, instead choosing to update fans on her fan meeting. Your thoughts?

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