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Posted by alim17283 pts Wednesday, May 13, 2015

[POLL] Solo vs. Group: Male Idol Promotions (Part Two)

Hyunseung, Taeyang, Junsu (XIA), Taemin, Henry

It's not uncommon these days for members of idol groups to go down solo paths once in a while as the rest of the group takes a break or each member does his own thing. �While a lot of them don't deviate much from the normal group image, some show a new charm or side to themselves for their solo careers--a concept they personally get to shape that shows off their individuality.

Here's a poll to choose which you prefer--solo or group promotions for certain boy group members! �Of course picking solo doesn't mean his promotions as part of a group are bad, nor does picking the group mean the solo was a failure; it can depend entirely on your preference for music genres or images. �Vote down below for the five male idols.

B2ST's Hyunseung

Hyunseung has made his solo debut, showing yet another fun side to him. �He's always been known to be sexy, but he turns it up here with a playful, sexy side that's not as often shown in the darker B2ST concepts. �Leaving the edgier group image for a more street, hip hop style, Hyunseung puts his dance skills to work!

Big Bang's Taeyang

Taeyang is very different when it comes to solo and group promotions. His solo work mostly consists of sweet, romantic ballads that people fall in love with and he foregoes his amazing dancing for standing in place to focus on singing his heart out... shirtless. �He's edgier and a bit bolder as part of the group, going for a vast range of looks and sounds, including some pretty crazy accessories.

SHINee's Taemin

Taemin showed his artsy, dark side for his solo work. �Channeling Michael Jackson, he goes for bold, dark eyeliner and sexy accessories. However, as part of SHINee, he tends to go for more colorful, vibrant images as part of their fun, electronic concepts. Here, he shows more signs of the young boy everybody fell in love with from debut.

Super Junior-M's Henry

Henry gets to shine musically when it comes to his solo work, especially as he even integrates his violin like in "Fantastic." He gets a bit more lost as part of a huge group like Super Junior-M, but there, he is clearly part of a fun team that is oiled to perfection to move like one machine.

JYJ's Junsu

Junsu is another artist who's definitely more creative and individualistic as a solo artist, especially his latest with "Flower." �He goes for dark and edgy with intense makeup, bright green hair, and crazy facial expressions. His solos include ominous, artistic concepts or more emotional ballads. As part of JYJ, he gets a bit more mainstream, but also sexier.�

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  2. Taeyang
  3. Junsu (XIA)
  4. Taemin
  5. Henry
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