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TaeTiSeo talk about self-maintenance, support from Girls' Generation, and more


On the September 25 edition of KBS radio program, 'Jo Jung Chi and Jang Dong Min's 2 O'Clock,' the fab ladies of TaeTiSeo made an appearance and addressed a variety of topics ranging from self-maintenance to receiving support from the rest of Girls' Generation.

Taeyeon talked about the outfits they wore in the MV, saying, "We filmed while wearing at least ten different outfit pieces, and seeing how there were set outfits for each of us, they were decided based on our personal preferences or to match our bodies."

Tiffany then complimented Seohyun on her body, saying, "Among us, Seohyun is in charge of height.  She has a hidden S-line. Because of that, when she wears form-fitting clothes, she gives off a Catwoman vibe."

In addition, Tiffany talked about how she maintained her appearance during which DJ Jo Jung Chi said, "I heard that even when busy, Tiffany diligently goes to the hair salon, nail salon, and the dermatologist."

Tiffany explained, "I pay a great deal of attention to dyeing my roots.  Even if my roots grow out one centimeter, I can't bear to look."

DJ Jang Dong Min said, "So you are finicky."  Tiffany replied, "Because if my hair is not dyed or my hairstyle looks strange, my attention is stuck on that."  She then chose her fingernails as one of the physical traits she liked.

In relation to her own maintenance, Taeyeon said, "Actually, I ate more because I worried that I might lose my cheek fat while preparing for these promotions.  I worked hard to maintain my weight.  There are so many activities so I keep losing weight."

DJ Jang Dong Min said, "Reveal your method to those who don't lose weight no matter how many activities they have."  Taeyeon surprised everybody with, "They just need to go through a hard time."

Jang Dong Min asked her, "Don't you feel at ease these days?"  Taeyeon said, "I'm happy."

In addition, the girls talked about all the support they were receiving from their fellow Girls' Generation members.  Taeyeon said, "Girls' Generation watched TaeTiSeo's first broadcasted stage and sent us a lot of texts.  There were even members who sternly pointed out things."

The DJs asked who did a lot of pointing things out to which the members replied, "Sooyoung did, and the other members overall gave a lot of advice."

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