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Posted by allkpop AKP STAFF Monday, November 11, 2013

6Theory Media response to YMC's statement on Ailee's nude photos

Hello, this is 6Theory Media.

In light of recent events, we felt a clarification on YMC Entertainment's accusations against Daniel Lee and allkpop were necessary.

Back in June 28, 2013 an individual claiming to be from Canada sent in a tip to us that he had a "set of Ailee Nude Scandal Pictures" and that he would sell them to us [allkpop] for the right offer.

We responded to the email stating that we would prefer to talk over the phone. Over the phone conversation, this person stated that he would like to "sell us the photos" and "break the story". At the time he stated he didn't have access to Sports Seoul or Dispatch but he would be willing to contact them if we didn't break the story. The person in question stated that he was a person acting as a middleman between the original owner and sent us a sample photo "for proof". He wanted to meet at an undisclosed location where he would provide us all the photos in exchange of $3500 USD in Cash.

At this time, we stated that we were not interested, and this person said he would contact another agency.

As we had good relations with Ailee, we informed our contact at YMC Entertainment that someone had contacted us stating that they had nude photos of Ailee. We stated we saw it and it was most likely her, even sending the sample photo. We informed them that if they were to pursue legal action, we would be bound to provide the contact information of the informant. They replied that we were most likely making everything up and brushed it off. We were bewildered why they would brush this off, when we were offering assistance.

For Ailee's sake, we stated to YMC that we would not write anything about this unless the photos were to end up being posted on the internet. We very clearly stated that if the photos were to show up online we would have to write the story as that is our job and duty as a news site.

On November 10, we received the following tip to a forum post on anonib:

The tip came from what we believe is the same informant that originally contacted us in June, as both IP addresses are from the same ISP in Toronto, Canada. At this point, the photos were on the internet and we made the decision to run the story, as it is our policy to report on the truth. For full disclosure, our employee, Daniel Lee did date Ailee in the past, however he did not post the photos in question. Not knowing who the true culprit was, YMC turned the blame to the easiest target. Common sense should also tell you that you do not send in nude photos for underwear modeling. Although Ailee is a victim, so is Daniel Lee, as false allegations were made by YMC, defaming our employee. In conclusion, we have saved all email correspondences from the individual who sent us the initial email. If legally requested by YMC, we will provide all information to the proper authorities, to ensure that the truth of the matter is revealed. We truly hope that YMC decides to run a full legal investigation, as it will reveal the whole truth of the situation. 


 YMC Entertainment's Official Statement:

Hello. This is YMC Entertainment.

In relation to the controversial pictures of Ailee before her debut, we will be revealing the information that has been confirmed. We hope you will understand that it took us a long time to check the information in order to tell you the more accurate truth. ?? ? ??(content)? ?????? ???. ?????(Party) ?? ??? ??? ????? ?? ??? ???? ?? ??? ?? ?? ?? ??(understanding)??????.

While Ailee was a resident in America, she received a casting offer to be a famous underwear model in America. The relevant picture has been confirmed to be a picture taken on the pretext of testing the cameras. Among the pictures revealed on the anonymous website, a portion was still unclear during our investigation so we are continuing to investigate them. ?? ??? ???? ?? ??(residence) ?? ??? ?? ?? ?? ??? ??(offer)? ??, ??????????(camera testing) ????(on the pretext) ??? ???? ??????, ???(anonymous) ????? ?? ?? ? ???? ??(portion)? ????? ????(uncertain) ???? ?? ?? ?? ?? ????.

In relation to the leaked pictures, Ailee had been told that in order to accurately judge her body figure, she had to participate in a nude shoot. Because it was a test to be a famous underwear model, Ailee believed her personal information would be protected and complied. ? ?????(leaked) ???? ???? ??? ???(accurately) ???? ?? ????? ????? ??, ?? ?? ??? ?????? ???????(personal information) ???(protect) ??? ?? ??? ?????.

However, after the test shoot finished, the party who had first made the offer stopped all contact so that the concerned Ailee made a decision and reported it to the nearby police station. ??? ??? ??? ?? ? ??? ? ? ?? ??? ??(stopped)????, ??? ? ???? ????(concluded) ?? ??? ??? ????.

After the police looked into it, it was becoming clear that the involved party was committing fraud while targeting female students in a portion of the university's town. There appeared to be a couple of victims besides Ailee, but due to the fraudulent party's clever method of using the internet, the police were unable to smoothly investigate and make any arrests. ?? ?? ?? ??????(part of university town) ????? ??? ?? ???(commit a fraud) ??? ??? ????(the party's act) ??????(becoming clear), ?? ??? ?? ???? ???? ????? ???? ??? ???? ???(tactful/clever) ????(means) ?? ?? ????? ???(smoothly) ?? ?? ?? ??? ??(arrest)? ???? ???? ???.

After reporting to the police, Ailee, who felt deeply worried and uneasy, visited her previous boyfriend who was working at All KPop, and told him everything and consulted him about what happened. While consulting the previous boyfriend, who should have fully grasped and handled the information about these pictures, Ailee was persuaded by him to send him the pictures from the shoot. ?? ?? ? ??? ???? ???? ???? ?? ALL KPOP? ????(in-service) ???? ? ?????? ? ??? ?? ???? ??(consulted)? ???, ?? ?? ??? ??? ??? ??????(grasp/understanding) ??(handle)????? ? ????? ??(persuasion)?? ?? ? ?????? ?? ??? ???????? ???.

The above information is all the true information in relation to the leaked pictures. ???(leaked) ??? ??? ??? ??(above) ??? ????, ?????.

We will be taking strong legal action in relation to the person who disregarded protection of personal information and illegally circulated the pictures in question. ???(party) ?? ??? ?????(circulator) ????(personal)(protection law)???(privacy safeguards)? ?? ?????(illegal circulation) ???? ??? ?? ??? ? ????.

In addition, we will be doing our best so that Ailee will no longer be tormented by suspicion and gossip. ?? ??? ???? ???(doubt/suspicion) ????(gossip/be the talk of) ?? ???? ??? ?? ?? ? ??? ??? ??? ????.

Although it was an act deriving from lack of thought and maturity, it was not derived from wrong intentions or actions and it is becoming a large source of pain for Ailee, who had been living her life as a woman before she became a singer, as well as Ailee's family. ????? ?? ??? ? ?? ????? ???(wrong/mistaken) ???(intention) ???? ??? ?? ?????, ?? ???? ??? ? ????? ?? ???? ?? ????, ???? ????? ????(handle/manage) ?? ? ?????.

The relevant pictures had been a painful memory that had been largely traumatic and deeply hurtful for Ailee. ?? ??? ?? ????? ? ??? ?? ??? ??? ?? ???????.

We fear that Ailee may once again receive a large wound from the hurtful memory when she had forgotten the painful past and had been looking towards her dreams. ?? ?? ??? ??, ?? ?? ?? ?? ???? ? ?? ??? ?? ???? ?? ? ? ??? ?? ?? ?????(feared/worried).

We hope for warm consolation and encouragement so that Ailee will not experience more pain and can continue her activities diligently. ???? ? ? ??? ?? ?? ??? ??? ? ??? ??? ???(console/comfort) ??(encouragement) ??????.

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