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Ivy apologizes for her Instagram post concerning the Asiana Airlines accident

By MountainMadman   Sunday, July 7, 2013   73,430   176   334



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After landing in hot water for an Instagram post some thought disrespectful to the recent tragedy concerning the Asiana Airlines accident at San Francisco yesterday, singer Ivy came forward and apologized for speaking out of line.

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The post in question had read, "Thanks to the Asiana Airlines incident, 'Inkigayo' is now 12 minutes shorter, chances of me being cut out is 99% #what".

This had been written before the decision was made to cancel 'Inkigayo' completely. When her post began attracting negative attention for what some perceived as being thoughtless and disrespectful, she quickly came forward with an apology.

"I'm very sorry...I didn't mean it in that way," she wrote. "I was out of line... and I didn't delete the replies.. my last post sounded so immature so I re-posted the whole thing.. sorry."

Do you think her apology should put an end to the controversy?

  1. Ivy

kpoplvoer_ Tuesday, August 13, 2013

what is her instargram name?

krevice Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Mnet website just posted an interview with IVY. ;This is not surprising in that Mnet has close ties with JYP, who authored IVY's song. ;So, this is a direct quote from IVY in that (2013.07.07) interview:

"I just hope people will think Ivy′s still very much alive since it′s my first ;dance piece in four years. I should be able to at least do the minimum. ;(Laugh) I′ll show how mature a woman in her 30s can be."

What I would say, is that IVY is trying to succeed in doing something (dance piece) that she has not done it in four (4) years. ;I'm sure that IVY worked very hard to prepare to make this song/dance a success. ;That IVY is disappointed that her efforts were NOT shown on TV as planned, I would say that is a normal reaction. ;Is it 'self centered' too; yes it is. ;I'll just say that if IVY is the biggest VILLAIN that you can find, to my way of thinking, you are NOT looking very hard. ;

nanabellisario00 Tuesday, July 9, 2013

this is just like her :P im not surprised at all ;

xavier2 Monday, July 8, 2013

i think ccm should hire Ivy to join T-ara,then Danny could answer the phone.ignorance is bliss ;

bobbtte Monday, July 8, 2013

I think regardless of whether or not she apologised because the comment got blown up or she really did feel sorry after saying it, it still says alot about her as a person. Anybody that can think like that about the tragedy to me is not someone i would want to invest anymore time in knowing quite frankly :/

krevice Monday, July 8, 2013

I think we all have had moments where we were more 'self centered' than we might have wished in retrospect. As another person here said of IVY, "It was a dumb thing to say." But, I do NOT agree that it defines the totality of IVY as a person.

krevice Monday, July 8, 2013

But leaving people alone because you have doubts about being able to 'get along' with them, is quite reasonable. Not everyone is going to like everyone.

mashimaroluff0 Monday, July 8, 2013

@krevice i agree that we all have self-centered moments and time when we blurt out things that shouldnt be said. But I think people are espeically hard on her because 1. her age, she should have learn and know by now what is appropriate and 2. it's writing/typing, which take more time than just blurting something out, which mean she has more time to censor her thoughts before posting it to the public. She fail to do so meaning that her self-centered moments show that she only think about her feelings and does not consider other people feeling until it has a negative impact on her. Something inconsiderate like this I can expect from a teenager, but not from a 30 years old grown woman who has goes through many things in life

krevice Monday, July 8, 2013

@mashimaroluff0 ... I hear you. And I ADMIRE the thoughtfulness and logic of your message. And you've made some STRONG points in your criticism of IVY. I would say about her being age 30, and trying to comeback/survive in a business (K-pop) that I would describe as dominated by those age 18-25, that this might be intimidating for IVY. And so, you do all this practicing and planning, and then an unplanned event takes place that UNDOES all your preparation. I can see IVY being disappointed by that happening. But I agree, all of that does NOT make it okay to say what IVY said in her message. It was dumb to say that. But again, I feel this ONE INCIDENT should NOT define IVY as a person, in my view. And if we want to 'beat up' IVY as lacking in compassion, perhaps we might find some compassion within ourselves for IVY's current situation with regard to this matter.

mashimaroluff0 Monday, July 8, 2013

@krevice sometime people only get one chance to make an impression, unfortunately, it was a bad impression that Ivy left to people. I guess that you like Ivy (as a fan) so your explanation is more 'situational attribution' whereas I am more about 'personality attribution'. The reality is, most people will choose personality attribution for people they dont care for. Ivy is not evil, she is just inconsiderate. As a person who is not yet a fan, her action leave me disappointed and discourage to find more about her. Maybe time will make me forget. But right now, i feel less inclined to be considerate to a person who is so inconsiderate.

krevice Tuesday, July 9, 2013

@mashimaroluff0 said --> "Ivy is not evil, she is just inconsiderate." ... YES, and again, I ADMIRE very much this message that you have posted it here. As to whether IVY is "inconsiderate" at ALL TIMES in the conduct of her life, that would be a matter of opinion, to my way of thinking ... mashimaroluff0 said --> "But right now, i feel less inclined to be considerate to a person who is so inconsiderate." ... I think that your current reaction to IVY is COMPLETELY REASONABLE. You do NOT wish IVY to be dead. You simply WONDER if there is much that you might like about her as person, if you were to meet her.

lovehaterslol Monday, July 8, 2013


jollynoodle Monday, July 8, 2013

she shouldn't have publicly express her feelings so bluntly ; and not expect some backlash... not a hater nor a fan but her comment was selfish indeed!

krevice Monday, July 8, 2013

frozenice (in a message below) said --> "THAT's the only reason she did it (apologized), because it got negative (others were offended), if nobody said anything (complained), she wouldn't (apologize) either." ;

As I understand it, you are saying that IVY would never have realized that her statement was 'self centered' and offensive, if nobody had complained to her about it. ;And that the apology of IVY is only offered to placate people, and not for sincere reasons of true regret on IVY's part. ;

It is TRUE that IVY did NOT apologize until AFTER people complained to her about her message. ;But I do NOT think that this PROVES that IVY does not now regret her initial statement, or that IVY's apology is not sincere. ;And, I simply do NOT believe that IVY ever intended to say anything to DELIBERATELY offend families of Asiana Airlines crash victims. ;I would ask, WHAT does IVY have to GAIN from offending these families?

As to whether IVY would have figured out alone, on her own, eventually and belatedly, that the message that she posted it is offensive to others, I would say that we will never know for certain. ;And if IVY had concluded on her own that her message was offensive, would she have apologized immediately for it as a result? ;That is a matter of opinion, a GUESS, as I see it.

Having said all of that, I am NOT saying that FROZENICE is wrong in her perceptions of IVY. ;It is a matter of opinion, but FROZENICE may be correct. ;I prefer to believe that IVY only intended to communicate her personal frustration at NOT getting a chance for 'face time' on TV, to perform for her fans, and to further her own personal entertainment career goals. ;Saying that, does NOT prove that IVY has no feelings of compassion for families of Asiana Airlines crash victims. ;Or that IVY meant to offend them. ;Or that IVY is not sincere in her apology to any families of Asiana Airlines crash victims that she may have INADVERTENTLY offended them. ;Again, I would ask, WHAT does IVY have to GAIN from offending these families?

beashineeshawol ;(in a message below) said --> "I'm just saying that was pretty dumb (to say what IVY said at that moment in time). ;She acknowledged it and apologized so I think she's fine."

YES, what beashineeshawol says above is my perception too. ;And IVY did NOT say something like "I do NOT care about dead people on a plane; ONLY about my K-pop career." ;People are INFERRING meanings and intentions on the part of IVY, and making conclusions that are really NOT justified.

xavier2 Monday, July 8, 2013

what law firm do you work for sir?

krevice Tuesday, July 9, 2013

@xavier2 ... LOL ... I am not an attorney, or involved in any type of lawyer oriented business, including insurance claims. Anyway, I've got no problem that some here do NOT like IVY as a result of the message that she posted it. But some of the conclusions that people have stated about IVY as 'obviously being true' are NOT proven to me. Again, they are OPINIONS about IVY, based on her posted message.

crazygirl25 Monday, July 8, 2013

i respect her as an artist but that was ;insensitive and immature she should have been careful in what she said..

krevice Monday, July 8, 2013

Yes, I agree. And unfortunately, IVY cannot really 'take back' what she initially stated. And so now, people are free to SPECULATE as to what her 'true' intentions were/are.

lovely_a Monday, July 8, 2013

That comment came out in all the wrongs ways but...still better than Chris Brown... ;

hyoyeonloverunni Monday, July 8, 2013

I missed something.. Tell me ;)?

krevice Monday, July 8, 2013

@hyoyeonloverunni ... If you type into the ALLKPOP search engine (top right on pages) the words "chris brown t-ara rude" and hit GO button ... the top listing is the one to read.

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