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Posted by serendipity42 pts Wednesday, May 22, 2013

CL to make solo debut with "Bad Girl(s)"

2NE1, CL

CL will be making her solo debut with "Bad Girl(s)", which is quite appropriate considering that she's described herself as 'the baddest female' previously!


YG-Life revealed the teaser poster above, and through a press release, revealed some details that fans should be interested in! 


"'Bad Girl(s)' is a very slow hip hop beat track at 70 BPM, which is not that different from a ballad... It incorporates CL's powerful rap along with dougie dubstep and modern sounds," said a rep from the agency. 

"The strategy as well as the point of this song is how powerfully CL can express it despite the slow beat."


To prepare, the rapper has spent time getting private instructions for the accompanying choreography in Japan, and also directly participated in the idea process of coming up with the set of the music video. 


Although in Korean, the word '???' has a stronger and more negative meaning than just 'girl', YG Entertainment has revealed that they have decided to just go with 'Bad Girls' as the official English title for now. They explained that they are fully aware that Lee Hyori has just made her comeback with a song of the same title, but they believe there isn't another way to express the Korean title other than as 'Bad Girls'. 


So are you ready for 'the baddest female' to make her solo debut on the 28th? 


[Update - there seems to be a bit of a discrepancy on whether it is 'Bad Girl' or 'Bad Girls' as there are reports with both versions. We will have to keep an eye out to confirm which one is the official version]

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