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Celebrities cast their votes on Election Day (Part 2)

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Lots of celebrities took their time to go vote today for the Presidential Election in South Korea, and urged others to do the same as they snapped proof shots and left thoughtful messages. Check out some more photos and words from celebs in this Part 2, and stay tuned for Part 3! (Check out Part 1 here).

Super Junior's Ryeowook wrote, "Everyone who likes Ryeowook, follow me keke. I'm going back to Seoul after I came to Incheon~~^^ Everyone, let's vote ♥ Don't catch a cold~~ kyakya".

Wonder Girls' Yenny wrote, "Ah... I can't lift my head because my face is so bloated... Anyway, I voted!!! This... is me.... keke", while Yubin also posted, "I returned after voting!! The line was really long~ But I feel great ~ I hope you can all feel this for yourself~^^"

2PM's Wooyoung wrote, "Today's the day to vote^^".

Son Dam Bi went with Super Junior's Heechul to vote, writing, "I'm happy there are so many people voting~~^^ I came with Heechul to vote ^^ Everyone, vote too*^^".

J.Y. Park tweeted, "I'm going to take photos with everyone who I meet at the polls~! Ah, then I have to wash my hair before I leave ㅠㅠ", and then again wrote, "Cars move on gas, song moves on air, and democracy moves with votes~! Okay, let's go~!!"

Actor Lee Jun Ki wrote, "Because I was told to upload a proof shot keke. Are you watching over me~. I woke up at 6:35 AM! I went to my father's and finished voting at around 8~^^ Everyone, we're the owners of Korea. Go write the new history ^^ It's cold, so dress warm~!" and uploaded a photo of himself at the polls. He also wrote, "Yes, yes. I thought I would just naturally point, so I just put my hands in my pockets hehe. Be careful and careful again about the laws when you take proof shots keke. And everyone, upload proof shots, ke." He was talking about the rules in proof shots that prevented anyone from taking photos that would allude to who you were voting for. Citizens are forbidden from pointing at certain directions or taking photos while in line to vote.

Actress Yoon Eun Hye actually broke one of the rules when she took a photo of herself in line to vote. She wrote, "Proof shot before I go back to filming. I finished voting!! There's no place to take a proof shot.. ke. I took one pitifully! It's really cold~ Dress warm like me. ^^". On her photo that she quickly took down, she wrote, "I... just did it without any meaning as a habit.. Gasp ㅠ ㅡㅠ".

B1A4's Sandeul posted a photo with CNU, writing, "We're casting a precious vote~!! Everyone, don't forget to vote until 6!!". Gongchan also wrote, "Wow~ There are a lot of people! Everyone, make sure you come vote~ It's really cold, so dress warmly ^^".

D-Unit's Zin took to me2day to post, "Today's the day to vote!! It's my first time, so I'm really excited to vote. Vote gogo!! I thought it would be complicated, but it's not at all and it finished really quickly!! Hehe. Everyone, you'll vote, right?!!~?!!". Ujin wrote, "Hello it's Ujin!!! I went early in the morning to vote ^__^ It was morning, but there was a lot of people, heh. I hope the president that gets voted is someone who can lead Korea well!! Everyone, vote!!!!^___^".

ALi wrote, "I finished voting! There are a lot of people who came on the cold day with children and the elderly^^ Voting as a citizen for a healthy Korea. Don't forget until 6PM!", and also wrote, "My proof shot has to be like this because there are so many people keke".

B2ST's Yoseob wrote, "I was all dizzy because of my cold but I got my bearings straight to vote. Everyone, vote. Leave proof shots" on his fancafe.

Others snapped at the polls include ZE:A's Kwanghee, SISTAR's Dasom, IU, all Dal Shabet members except maknae Woohee, Um Jung Hwa, Shin Min Ah, and Park Hae Jin.

Check out some of the photos from the celebs below and stay tuned for Part 3!

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