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B1A4 visits the home of a fan to help take care of an ill family member


The public is impressed with idol group B1A4's genuine love for their fans.

A post titled 'B1A4 Proves Their Love For Fans' recently surfaced on an online community site, where a fan shared a story of how the B1A4 members visited her home and took care of her ill mother.

The boys took part in their act of kindness back when they were promoting their song "Beautiful Target", and the story has become a hot topic of conversation amongst their fans.

B1A4 personally visited the fan's home and prepared a meal for the family, and even volunteered to clean the dishes when they were done eating. They then spent quality time with the family, taking photos together, and more.

The grateful fan wrote, "When my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer, I was deeply distressed. I then applied for a special event for my mom, and got selected. When they were taking pictures with my mom and dad, I felt like they were really my brothers, and I could feel that they were being truly genuine. I think they will remain in my heart and memory as the greatest artists ever."

Netizens who read the story remarked, "I tear up no matter how many times I hear this story", "Proud to say that I am a B1A4 fan", "I can see why they are so famous", and "I hope they never change."

In related news, B1A4 is currently promoting their new song, "Sleep Well Goodnight".

Source & Image: KJ Today via Nate

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