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Posted by Saturday, May 14, 2011

Rainbow sings for the 'Zoobles' OST!


After receiving the opportunity to sing for the drama "Twinkle, Twinkle", Rainbow has received another opportunity to participate in an OST, this time for "Zoobles", a global animation. Rainbow received the opening song - titled "I Love Zoobles" - for the animation and sang it with a cute youthfulness to match the show's characters. In addition, they sang the ending song as well. Regarding Rainbow's participation in the OST, an SBS official stated, "Rainbow was chosen for their bright and youthful image that matched the Zoobles' characters cute and lovely image... Because of this [and their previous work for OST's], I believe that they are an emerging darkhorse for OST's." Zoobles will be making its first broadcast in Korea on May 18th and will ultimately be played in 10 East Asian regions in the coming months. === Opening Track Ending Track Introductory Greeting Opening Track (Japanese) Ending Track (Japanese) Introductory Greeting (Japanese) Opening Track (English) Introductory Greeting (English) Source: Max Movie via Nate

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