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Posted by VITALSIGN24 pts Saturday, January 1, 2011

Go Hyun Jung wins Daesang at 2010 'SBS Drama Awards'


SBS's "2010 Drama Awards" ended the year by awarding actress Go Hyun Jung with the Daesang. With the trophy in her arms, Go Hyun Jung stated, "I hope people are as happy as I am. Everyone, I came here today to say something I've been wanting to say.When we're creating dramas and acting with the participation of all of the staff members, please do not speak about the final product through the viewer ratings as you wish.Wherever they are acting, actors and actresses use genuine and honest feelings for that moment.For that one moment, we act with everything we have." She continued, "While recording for 'Daemul,' I saw a lotus flower on the film set.It was a difficult time, and I realized that it all depended on what kind of determination the staff members had. I was upset in not being able to welcome director Kim Cheol Kyu.I thought that was for the best.I said a lot of bad things about the writer while acting, but they weren't out of hate." The winners at the "Drama Awards" are as follows: ? New Star Award - Ju Sang Wook ("Giant") - Han Chae Ah ("Enemy Neighbor") - Kim Soo Hyun ("Giant") - Ham Eun Jung ("Coffee House") - Choi Siwon ("Oh My Lady") - Nam Gyuri ("Life is Beautiful") - No Minwoo ("My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox") - Hwang Jung Eum ("Giant") ? Supporting Role - Soap Opera: Shin Sung Rok ("Enemy Neighbor"), Se Ja Mae ("Im Ji Eun") - Special Planning: Lee Deok Hwa ("Giant"), Hong Ji Min ("I Am Legend") - Drama Special: Lee Jae Yong ("Daemul"), Lee Soo Kyung ("Daemul") ? Frontier Drama Award - Doctor Champ ? Human Drama Award - Enemy Neighbor ? Best Couple Award - Lee Seung Gi & Shin Minah ("My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox") - Ju Sang Wook & Hwang Jung Eum ("Giant") - Hyun Bin & Ha Ji Won ("Secret Garden") ? Teen Star Award - Lee Bum Su ("Giant") - Shin Minah ("My Girlfriend is a NIne-Tailed Fox") - Kim So Yeon ("Prosecutor Princess," "Doctor Champ") - Jung Bo Suk ("Giant") - Go Hyun Jung ("Daemul") - Kwon Sang Woo ("Daemul") - Hyun Bin ("Secret Garden") - Ha Ji Won ("Secret Garden") - Lee Seung Gi ("My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox") - Park Jin Hee ("Giant") ? Superb Acting Award - Soap Opera: Song Chang Ui ("Life is Beautiful"), Kang Sung Yeon ("The Wife Has Returned") - Special Planning: Jung Bo Seok ("Giant"), Park Jin Hee ("Giant") - Drama Special: Lee Seung Gi ("My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox"), Shin Minah ("My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox") ? Achievement Award - Park Geun Hyung ? Producer Award - Cha In Pyo ("Daemul"), Park Sang Min ("Giant"), Han Hye Jin ("Jejungwon") ? Most Popular Netizen Drama Award - Secret Garden ? Most Popular Netizen Actors/Actresses - Hyun Bin ("Secret Garden") - Ha Ji Won ("Secret Garden") ? Best Picture - Giant ? Best Acting Award - Soap Opera - Son Hyun Ju ("Enemy Neighbor") - Yoo Ho Jung ("Enemy Neighbor") ? Best Acting Award - Special Planning - Lee Bum Su ("Giant") - Kim Jung Eun ("I Am Legend") ? Best Acting Award - Drama Special - Kwon Sang Woo ("Daemul") - Hyun Bin ("Secret Garden") - Ha Ji Won ("Secret Garden") ? Daesang - Go Hyun Jung ("Daemul")

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